Cloud version to my hosting

I am using cloud version, now i want to move to my personal hosting, how can i move that?

The very fact that you are asking this question would indicate that you do not have the technical expertise to install, administer and run the server version.

So, unless you want to use the single user desktop version, I would say think again

@Joe91 is right that there is not only a risk because of not knowing how to manage a server yet and secondly it is definitely not a cheaper solution as you need at least a VPS and secondly need to pay the license fee (US$390 as of writing, see [Pricing | Manager] for the server edition and renewal licenses if you need upgrades after the first year. I actually use the Server Edition and that mainly deals with that I want to be in control of the security and related “hardening” of the server and ensure that no unauthorized persons can access the accounting data of a number of supported and interrelated businesses. I also like to play around with hardware and software.

Anyway, if you want to do this, you need first decide on at least a VPS server (cheaper) or dedicated server. Manager does not install on a shared hosting platform that often comes with CPanel access. You need to decide which server (Windows, Ubuntu, Mac) you will use and follow the instructions on Installation | Manager It should work, but you need to know more about server management and security. If you do not need multi-user authentication then you can install and use a Desktop version which is free (download from Download | Manager).

Migrating your data is extremely simple. Just back up the business(es) and import in your new desktop installation.

Wish you all the best with your endeavors.