Server Edition Pricing Queries

My first queries: I understand that the price for desktop edition is only one off payment, but then I read the FAQ and it stated then 50% discount on the maintenance? Does it mean every year I have to pay maintenance fees?

My second queries: How does the server edition works? I mean the installation process and everything. Cause I am quite new to this.

Have you looked at the tutorials at

Hi Tut,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes… I just read… So that solve my second queries. .

Nora Bong

How about the first queries then? Anything u can help?:slight_smile:

The license is perpetual which means the program will work forever. Maintenance means that you will be able to upgrade to newer versions after 12 months from original purchase.

So in order for me to get newer versions, I need to pay for the maintenance right? Does the maintenance have to be done every 12 months? What I concern is there will be new versions every few months, then I have to get the maintenance every 12 months after the original purchase.

Generally yes but it’s optional. It’s really not much different from other software where you pay full price once and potential upgrades are usually at discount.

link is not working
I want to know details on renewing maintenance

You are looking at a two year old post. Read the website:

may i know “Renewing maintenance” price?

Renewing will be standard 50% of original purchase price.

and how do we pay the renewing maintenance fee @lubos?
Am I able to pay for renewal through the site? I payed once 15 months ago but now I do not know how to pay the 50% fee.