Request: a low-end Cloud Edition

Hello Manager team,

In my last post I wrote how wonderful it is that you continually add features that some of us get to use for free. As a sole proprietor of a single business, the cloud edition and server edition of Manager are way more than I need. Would you consider a single-business version of Cloud for something around $10-20/month? I’d sign up in a heartbeat to get the benefits of the cloud while still being cost effective for a very small business.

An idea. Maybe wrong for you. Why not just save all the files in Dropbox and run them locally on the pc? The only thing you will miss is the access from a phone.

Hi Davide, I do, in fact, save my files to OneDrive just as you suggest. The only limitation is that my spouse often helps with my books and so the desktop edition limitation of one user at a time frequently trips us up.

In another regard, I strongly believe that a worker should be paid their fair wages. I feel a little guilty getting all this Manager goodness without paying anything.

I would like to see a ‘cheap’ version of the cloud edition as well. One business, one user is enough for many selfemployed people.

That might be used some users as a way to bypass paying for a full Cloud version

The same user-id and password could be used by different people on different machines at the same time