Manager Server Edition


I am wondering about the Server Edition. Do we buy our own computer server (something like NAS) or do we subscribe to a Google/Amazon/Microsoft cloud server or do we subscribe a hosting website?

Sorry for the noob question


You can install the server edition on any server, whether hardware or virtual. The fact that you are asking this question suggests you may not have the skills necessary for the task. In that case, the cloud edition is preferable. And, when you consider the costs of the server and its maintenance, the cloud edition is cheaper in the long run.

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I agree with @Tut especially as the Server Edition may look like a one of investment but if you want updates you need to renew it every year be it for 50%. If you use a VPN you would need to add the cost for this also.

This does not mean Cloud Edition is for everyone. We have the knowledge and skills to run our own even at higher cost than the Cloud Edition but we prefer to be totally independent and like that we can do so. However, it is cheaper to pay for Cloud Edition than using Server Edition. The difference is independence. For example we do not like the last version of Manager because it acts funny trying to do batch updates on large accounts and decided to stay with an older version until resolved. With the Cloud version you have to accept such shortcomings if they appear. Eventually usually all gets sorted.

Thanks for the reply, for the Server/Cloud Edition is it possible to limit user’s access to only some feature? Such as purchasing person will be limited to purchase order only, marketing will be limited to sales quote only, etc?

Yes it is possible. Further guidance can be found here
Set user permissions | Manager.