Seach engine

may i know how to search the keyword at the description?

for example, i want to check those invoice of this word “chemicide”, how i search it from invoice or purchase invoice.

pls refer the screenshot.

It looks like you are doing things correctly. Enter the search string in the Search field. It should find the text you have entered wherever it is in the displayed information for that tab, even if it is hidden because of a previous search.

The search box on Purchase Invoices tab doesn’t search within line items of individual purchase invoices.

any way to search> bcoz sometimes we need to check the price. TQ

Not yet. Not until we get advanced custom reports. Once we do, you should be able to run a report similar to this to get what you want:

Select * FROM SalesInvoiceItems WHERE Description LIKE '%chemicide%';

But not yet. Custom reports are the last item on the product roadmap.

See this topic: Search previous inventory sales

is this feature available now?


@lubos, are there any plans to add this feature? I often wish I could search invoices by line items.

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Upcoming new version of custom reports will be able to search within line items. It’s probably going to be a bit cumbersome to start with but at least it will be possible.

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