Items description no longer searchable in sale invoice

I found out that on my upgrade to version 16.7.59 I cannot search an item in the sales invoice using word(s) in the description field of the item. It’s very difficult now to remember the codes.
For example in the past, an item with code MSFTO365BE had description Microsoft Office … would be added in the sales invoice by search for the words “microsoft office”.
Now I cannot find it like this and it is difficult if not impossible to remember all the codes of the sales products.
any solution for this?

Are you speaking about searching for a description of an individual line item within the sales invoice from the Sales Invoices tab register? To my knowledge, this has never been possible. The Search function in any Manager register searches information visible in the register display, not the full contents of the transactions listed.

In the case of sales invoices, the Description field shows the Invoice Summary level description of the entire invoice, not anything from individual line items.

In prior versions of Manager, an entry in the Invoice Summary may have carried over as the default description for a line item. As a result, perhaps you thought you were searching the full content of invoices when you were actually searching only the Invoice Summary line.

I think that @nichri means, when creating a sales quote or invoice you click on the item column then type what you are searching for. You used to be able to type the description of the item to narrow the search, now that does not happen, it only searches for item code or item name text string. I am sure i have mentioned this before but am unable to find my post.
Please could we have the ability to search by item description back, it was much easier that way.

thnx, this is what I meant.
We use item codes when we have a purchase invoice and we already have the codes from the supplier so it’s easy there (usually) to find the product purchased.
In the case of sales though, when I want to sell a laptop for example, I will start writing ‘lenovo’ and I would (in the past) get all the lenovo related (in the description) items.
I start to regret upgrading because this is a big issue for us.

Any workaround or fix on this? Please?

Why not put Lenovo in the name of item then? The idea is that you should be able to tell apart all items by their name (without need of looking at description).

Item names don’t show on quotes or invoices. They are internal.

Ι have hundreds of items without having names so far. It is very
inconvenient to go and add them now.
This feature existed in your previous version and was/is very important for

I think it won’t be that dificcult for you to make the description field
searchable again.

This is a hamble request and not a demand, although it would make me
happier :slight_smile:


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I would also like request the description to be used in the search function for the exact same reason. Fingers crossed!

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There is Batch Update function to let you update item names in bulk.

Why am I pushing for you to do this? Here is the thing… if you can’t tell inventory items apart by their names, how can you possibly read inventory reports which don’t show any item description either. Or when you drill-down from financial statements to break-down Inventory on hand account, you will see again balances grouped by item names.

The reason why description field is not searchable is to make users make item names meaningful. If they don’t, they start requesting features such as “put item description on inventory reports” which I’m not going to do because item descriptions can be long and would make inventory reports unnecessarily longer than needed and more cluttered.

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