Advanced search / looking update words in the purchase orders and invoices

Do you know of it’s possible to look up the data in the purchase order and invoice?

At this moment I can only find the description of the purchase order and invoice for example generic word of the product with the search field.

If I want to see about which product is related tot which invoice, I need to manually look up the purchase order and invoice one by one.

The description is to short for adding 100 products in the general field of the description.

Do you have an solution for this? Or are you already aware about this situation?

If you want to find all invoices which contain some inventory item, you can get ledger for inventory item which will show all invoices related to that item. Is this what you are after? Or something more?

Yes, indeed something like that. How can I consult the ledger for finding the mentioned inventory items of purchase orders and invoices? For an user it should be handy if you can do this from the search field. I added an video in attachment, see link

You can go to Inventory Items tab, find the inventory item and click on Qty figure. This will give you full ledger for that specific inventory item. It will list all transactions (e.g. invoices) which have used that inventory item.

Ok, that is fine enough as workaround. Thank your very much!