Search previous inventory sales

may i know can i search the product that i sold? for example, i sell printer D3400 and i put it in sales invoice description. Lets say in future i want check the selling price of this printer D3400, if i use the seach column, can i search it? so far i try now is not searchable. TQ

If you’re using the Inventory module and your D3400 printer is an inventory item, then you can see the sales history by clicking the hyperlink in the Value on hand column of your Inventory Items register.

If you’re not using Inventory, or if you’re selling the D3400 by entering it manually into an invoice line, then the answer is Not yet. Once we get enhanced Custom Reports (last item on the roadmap), you should be able to run a SQL query on the order of:

Select * FROM SalesInvoiceItems WHERE Description LIKE '%D3400%';

…or something like that. Again, though, don’t try this at home. Not yet.

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