Description seachable?

Demoing the desktop edition.
cant seem to find things in the description column to look up prices and what not.
am i doing something wrong?

Please provide a more detailed explanation. I have no idea what you’re talking about, and I doubt anyone else does either.

i setup a bunch of test invoices with simple part names in the description (frame, enclosure, etc).
in the sales invoice tab, typing the part description in the search bar, no results.
typing customer name, references number, overdue seems the work fine however.

No, you cannot search for inventory items via the invoices tab. You need to search via the Inventory tab and then click on the blue Qty on hand to see inventory movement.

There are also various reports available in the reports tab that can be drilled down on the Qty amounts etc.


The Search function searches only what is displayed on a screen, not the entire database.