New mandatory customization on sales invoice matched to KSA government rule

Dear team, according to new mandatory rules of KSA government for issued sales invoice started from Dec 4th 2021, which is as following:
1- QR code supposed to be applied on header of each printed invoice contained
- “Company Name”: Company Name
- “VAT Tax Registration No.”: VAT ID
- “Customer Name”: Customer Name
- “Customer VAT ID”: Customer VAT ID
- “Invoice Date”: Invoice Date
- “Total Invoice Amount Excluded VAT”: Total Amount without VAT amount
- “Total VAT Amount”: Total VAT Amount
- “Total Invoice Amount Included VAT”: Total Amount with VAT amount
2- Invoice date on invoice header shall contain date and time.
3- Invoice header shall contain Customer VAT ID.

So is that customization planned to be added to Manager Cloud Edition or not?

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