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When photographing the QR in the sales invoice, it gives false information. It only gives many letters. Is the problem software?

Is this the KSA QR code?


You can try it now

These is the requirements of ZATCA, they want their QR code to be encoded in base 64 which you the random letters you see.

For more information check this thread:
Saudi Arabia

Your words are incorrect because yesterday the QR was reading the invoice number, the amount and some information

Your words are incorrect. :joy:

Please check the post to be up-to-date with what’s going on with Saudi localization pack :point_down:

good morning
sometimes the QR code is not appear in some of the invoices not all , i did update by reinstalling the desktop version , now the QR code show mistakes not clear details about the invoice .

this QR Code is correct in terms of Data encryption as per ZATCA requirement for presentation, but when we use ZATCA App which has to read the QR Code you will get invalid code. there is an error with QR Creation we are waiting reply from Lubos

@abdulbari I suspect if it’s not working, then VAT number is not set under Business Details.

Can you check your Business Details screen and confirm you have correct VAT number in there?



please find below photos

Thanks for your help and support. For me Since Manager not yet registered under ZATCA portal Iam using ZATCA App as proof that it is compliance which will be easy for me to onboard new customers to manager this is one of the main reason I keep follow up for this.

Can you post QR code which doesn’t work in official ZATCA app?

the only show invalid code but to know the correct QR Code creation I suggest to refer to below PDF shared earlier.

Manager Sample QR

Decodes to the following:

Rمؤسسةقطب العالميةللتجارةBTERLTIONAL POLE TPDID EST .2021-11-28T0619:10.45Z230

ZATCA sample QR
If we compare it to the sample QR code provided in QRCodeCreation.pdf, which is this:

And it decodes to:

Bobs Records3101223935000032022-04-25T15:30:00Za1000.00150.00

If we compare the two, we can quickly see that:

  1. Manager’s QR has both Arabic and English names of the same business. ZATCA QR code has only one name. This is most likely a user error.

  2. In Manager’s QR, the Arabic name has been padded with an “R” in the beginning and a “B” at the end. Not sure if this is by design, a bug or an error. @KSA guys, could you please provide a valid QR code with Arabic name.

  3. In Manager’s QR, the English name was truncated from the beginning. It should have read “INTERLTIONAL POLE” rather than “TERLTIONAL POLE” but this seems like a user error due to mixing of Arabic and English names in one field.

  4. The VAT number is missing in Manager’s QR code. As @lubos already explained, this is a user error.

  5. Manager’s QR code has only one number. It should have two. Even in cases where 0 rated sales, the VAT amount should show as 0.00 and not get omitted.

  6. The ZATCA QR code numbers are formatted with two decimal points.

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I wish I could help in this but I don’t have programming skills.

I agree that there is User Mistake which could be explained and supported by us.

Thanks for your input Iam pretty sure it will add value to Lubos

It’s my first participation in the Forum.
Many thanks to @lubos for his efforts.

I’ve noted that after scanning the QR code, all information appears correct. But, ‘TIME’. I think it’s recorded in GMT timing. While, our timing in Saudi Arabia is GMT+3.

Many thanks to all developers and participants.

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