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How do I show the QR in the sales invoice in normal print and in a pdf file?

Are you talking about Saudi QR Code? Or something else?

Yes, according to the Saudi zakat and income code reader

@mgaber Post your Question here Than there will be better chance to get Answer to your ques.

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Does your program support the requirements of the Saudi Zakat and Income Authority?

Saudi Arabia - localizations - Manager Forum
@mgaber yes Programe support the Requirments of Saudi ZAKAT.( as related to QR code ) and income authority ( as Tax Codes )
see the above topic for more details.

are manager program -free addation supports support the Requirments of Saudi ZAKAT. related to QR code




why do you say the Manager desktop edition do neet meet the Saudi Arabia requirements?
all requirements were provided in the latest versions and no one else has reported issues at present.
please provide details and explain with screenshots.

The code from the Manager program does not support the custom code reader program (E-Invoice QR Reader) from Saudi Zakat and Income

no one can help if you simply say it is not working.
provide a screenshot.
explain in detail what data is missing.
provide details of your Manager version.

the qr code is working as required for everyone and they have reported the same.
please read the below topic completeley especially the recent posts.

You can try it for yourself
E-Invoice QR Reader

i respectfully decline.

I see no reason to refuse

So how will you develop if you are not tested and convinced that there is a deficiency or defect?

if you cannot find the time to explain your issues clearly, there is no reason to expect others to do your work for you.

I am not the developer. I am just a user of the program like you.
also, other users from Saudi Arabia have tested and reported everything is working as they should. you can read it in the topic i linked earlier.

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I just tried from an invoice generated in localizations Login

with screenshot:

The App you recommended shows that it is compatible.

So the only thing that I can think of is that you use a custom theme rather than the one of the localization (default). Try out with a test business.

UPDATE: By the way that app really uses poor spelling. (Compibile instead of Compatible, Saller instead of Seller)

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