Hong Kong

This is not supported. General accounts have singular name. They do not get translated based on the language.

Should there be two localizations for Hong Kong? One in English and one in Chinese?

Yes please, we do need two localizations - one in English and the other in Chinese. The alternative is to have it in English and I create a bilingual chart of account which can be a bit cumbersome to display, but at least when we set Manager interface to either English or HK Chinese, the chart of account is intact in either language.

@Mesquire, you should read about the effects of language settings in this Guide: Set language | Manager.

Yeah, I’d prefer not to go down that road unless this is what everybody in the country does.

How does it work. If company chooses Chinese localization as a starting point, the assumption is that they will have all financial statements in Chinese and won’t require English? And the other way, if the company chooses English, they won’t require financial statements in Chinese?

How does company decide whether they adopt English or Chinese accounting?

Hong Kong laws are bi-lingual - in English and in Traditional Chinese, so financial statements can be prepared in either English or Chinese; some will prepare both for publication. Most financial statements are prepared in English as it is easier to prepare, with the rest prepared in Chinese because it is the shareholders’ preference. Even our tax returns can be in Chinese or in English.

Using switching to Manager as a standalone accounting tool, many of our clients will set Manager’s language setting to English and will import our own standard English chart of accounts that our firm has created using our own Manager, so far so good, right? But in time a few of these clients’ accountants will add and mix it with Chinese account names, hence a bilingual chart of account. One local indian client even added their language next to our English account names for their own use. A few will set the Manager language to Chinese (HK) and they will use an all Chinese chart of account by customising from our English one.

I know this makes localisation difficult so I think I’ll bypass the issue by creating the bi-lingual chart of accounts so it shows account names in both languages regardless of whether Manager is set to show in English or HK Chinese.

Another quick question. How do I import my chart of accounts that I have already created using Manager as a template to be used for localisation?

Maybe I will need to add bilingual support for chart of accounts. There are other countries having the same issue. And I think it’s better to have singular localization covering multiple languages than duplicating per language.

Is this chart of accounts structure your personal preference or is it government-mandated structure that is the same for every business regardless of accountant?

There is no government mandate but it’s based on our local CPA professional body’s guidelines.

I see. CPA standard is fine if it’s generally adopted by everyone in the country. You can send me what you’ve go to lubos@manager.io.


Got it. What are those account codes? Also part of CPA standard?

no. our firm’s own codes

OK, those account codes will have to be removed from localization. What about tax codes, I’ve noticed you don’t have any created in your template.

HK doesn’t use any tax codes.

I see. No problem.

What about these custom fields.


These look very generic. So these will have to be excluded from localization too.

Not a problem. Do I have to remove these manually along with our firm’s account codes?

These are for audit on accounting policy on fixed assets depreciation purpose, but they can go.

The account names in English should be capitalized