Sales order is not working

when i open sale order its give this error

please resolve it asap

again this error

The URL you have visited in the browser includes the Business ID, but it doesn’t include a Sales Order ID. That is quite strange.

  • Does this happen for all Sales Orders, or just a few?
  • Does this happen for other modules, e.g. Purchase Order / Bank Payment / Sales Invoice?
  • Are you using Desktop Edition, Cloud Edition or Server Edition?

Edit: Never mind that last question, I can see that it’s the Desktop Edition.

@lubos may be able to provide some insight.

It’s possible the latest version (which you’re running) has some changes in this area and one of those recent changes has broken the interface. I’m unable to test it myself at the moment, and I’m running an older version.

Edit 2: It just occurred to me that you might be trying to open the Sales Order list view – not a specific Sales Order. That would explain the URL. Definitely looks like a bug, however.

only sale order have this proble other head is running successfully

please suggest solution … sale order head is not working

i do not have this problem on version 18.1.63 Windows.

i am still facing problems

either you have messed up a custom theme or the form defaults for sales orders. try clearing all the defaults you have set under Form Defaults for sales orders and check again.

when open Sale Order

and when refresh page its give this error

you have not shown the full page for Form Defaults.
do you have any custom fields for sales orders with a default html code?

Yes i have created this theme

when go to editing

he give not option of delete theme

my question was about custom fields for sales orders.
have you inserted any small code in custom fields?

yes i insert coding but this is not delete able Please guide
my very important data in this head (Sale Order )

please understand Custom Fields and Custom Themes are different.
i am not asking about your custom theme.


please show screenshots of default text set for all the above custom fields

if this is not what you want
can you please more elebrate about “” default text set""

can you show the custom fields portion in the below image?

ok thank you.

do you have any recent backup copy of your business? if yes, then try importing the backup file and check if sales order tab works in that.

i have no backup but i insert 3 business account
other 2 is working well , sale orders
Like this image

but our main account “” sale Order" is not working
its give error