Picture not show correctly on sales invoice from latest version

i just updated the desk Mac version, and found that picture is not show on my custom themed invoice which was shown correctly, now it only shown a blank box

You are responsible for performance of your own custom themes. Does the picture show if you select the built-in, Plain theme?

dear tut, it is not show in plain theme as well. but it worked perfectly before update. please kindly help me out

Read the Guide: https://guides.manager.io/13392. Your computer must have access to the URL where the image is stored, because Manager does not directly store the image.

the custom theme was worked fine and it show the picture correctly before i updated to this latest version 18.4.31

custom themes are not guaranteed to work after updates because the program itself changes a lot with the addition of new features.
if you have an issue with the plain theme, then that would be a bug.
anything related to a custom theme is the responsibility of the user.

have you added the image as a custom field?
if yes, does the image show when the default plain theme is selected?
also make sure the link to the image is valid.

thank you for your response. Yes, the image was added as a custom field, it does not show even the default theme is selected. the image is stored local, the file path is correct as it worked before i updated the manager today

Can you post a screen shot of a transaction showing the custom field input? Show the Edit screen.

the image source does not point to any drive on your local disk.
also the first image does not end with any file type, for example, .jpg

it is Mac file path, not windows. the first image file name is .jpg i deleted it try to see if any difference, but it is just a blank box showed as i posted

@sharpdrivetek; @Tut; @lubos,
so if it could be a bug? or you need more information?

first check if the image is still available and accessible in the file location entered…

then try creating a custom field of the type Image and just insert the file path without any html style coding. check if the image appears on the default plain theme.

if it appears on the form, then it is not a bug and is a problem with your custom coding.

yes, the image is available and accessible, and i created a new field of the type of image as you mentioned on default plain theme, the image is still NO show. Again, it was worked good before updating to version 18.4.31 yesterday, so i think i could be a bug

one final question before @Tut can check this on a Mac.
can you please post the screenshot of the new custom field created in the edit screen and also in the view screen?


your custom field does not look like it was created as an image type.
i think you just edited the contents of your existing custom fields. but that is not what i asked for.


the view screen is still the same

have you tried moving the image file to some other folder other than the OneDrive folder?
maybe Manager is having difficulty in accessing that folder.