Liquid error: Cant show sales quote, after update

After update to the latest version, i cant show sales quote, invoice , basicly everything that have theme in it,
what should i do?

when i change the theme and use the old HTML template this happen

First, @hrie_filter, themes and old HTML view templates are not compatible. You did not make clear whether you went back to a default theme and tried to use a previous view template or tried to create a theme from a view template. You can’t do that.

Second, I don’t know what version you had trouble with, but all forms with all themes are definitely working in v16.11.97, the latest version. And from your second screen shot, it looks like that is what you were using.

What edition are you using? Desktop, server, or cloud? If desktop, I suggest downloading and updating again.

@hrie_filter, what is your operating system?

@Tut @lubos
Sorry, im not good in english.
i use, MANAGER Server v16.11.97
Windows 7 64 bit
this error happen whether i use which theme (i tried 4 default theme), and when i try to use the old template it just show another error dialog.

It solved ,
uninstall and reinstall the manager., thank you…