Themes & Form Defaults conflict if Theme usage is terminated

When I create a new sales quote, it no longer shows the quote anymore. When I view the quote it shows this

I think the problem stems from me setting a form default for sales quote to show open status - a drop down column.

I can view old quotes, I cannot view/create new quotes. I have deleted the open status drop down in the sales quote forms default, but still no joy.

I am not using a custom theme for anything. I was trying out some custom themes and will be using them, but for the moment I am using the vanilla custom themes.

Any ideas.

Can’t reproduce the problem in another business. So it’s specific to my business file or I need to find out what I did to create the problem.

Only affects sales quotes, nothing else. I think its something to do with themes which I had enabled and then removed.

I think something like this occurred in another topic, enabling and then removing causing an issue.
I think you have to re-enable the theme and ensure all sales quotes are plain theme.
Alternatively, import a backup prior to the theme fiddling.

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Oh I see what the problem is. I have worked it out now.

@lubos could you update the program so that if people want to de-activate a theme or delete a theme, the program prevents you from disabling the theme until you have removed it from any form default where you have set it up, otherwise this problem will crop up a lot.

What happened was that I was testing form defaults and themes to see how to get Sales Quotes to use open status drop down column and one of the themes.

But I am not ready to use the themes yet because I need to customise it, so I disabled themes. However the form default remembered that I selected a theme and it tries to use that theme resulting in a blank form. There is no option to turn off the theme in form default if you have no themes active other than the default one that is. Form Defaults does not show the themes tickbox if themes is disabled, so you cannot disable the theme.

Glad that I managed to find the problem as I need to do loads of quotes this weekend.

The latest version (18.4.28) is fixing this issue. For now, if custom theme is deleted, Manager will simply show the default theme instead.

That’s perfect. Thank you.