Restore Backup data

How can I restore backup data ?

Click Add Business button on Businesses screen and select Import Backup.

I’m new here and I have a couple of questions - not sure if this is the right place to post - apologies. I’m hoping that with the free version I can email a back up to my friend which I have saved on my PC. Will she then be able to open it with her Mac OS X version of Manager?

Yes, backup file is 100% compatible between PC, Mac OS X and Linux.

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That’s cool thanks! :smiley:

backup not restored
error invalid file format
any solution

@mohd.mikdad, you need to provide more information before anyone can answer your question. What operating system? How exactly did you attempt to restore from backup?

i am using windows 10
i tried several times to restore. but still the error message as above

You have not yet answered the question, @mohd.mikdad:

@mohd.mikdad sent me his accounting file he is trying to import. The accounting file is not in Manager format. It contains random blob of data.

When I see this, it’s always when people use some undelete recovery tools which don’t work as promised. They will recover a file with correct name and extension but the inside of the file is unreadable mess.

still has a problem and the file is genuine.
please support to recover.

It’s not Manager backup file what you are trying to import.

When you open any *.manager backup file, the first four bytes will be always MNGR. (e.g. any PDF will have first four bytes %PDF)

The file your are trying to import doesn’t even have these first four bytes which indicates it’s not Manager backup file even if it has the right extension.

In other words, the file you are trying to import contains no accounting data.

Yeah. there’s an error of restoring backup.
Also, please include the following information in your error report:

15.5.87 (Desktop)
System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
  at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.Guid,System.Type].get_Item (Guid key) [0x00000] in :0 
  at Manager.Serialization.GetTypeByGuid (Guid guid) [0x00000] in :0 
  at Manager.ApplicationData.Get (Guid entityId) [0x00000] in :0

Make sure you upgrade to the latest version before restoring from backup. You can’t restore a backup made in newer version into an older version.

15.5.87 version is almost 1 year old.

I managed to download the latest version 16.3.51.
When I was trying to import a backup from my desktop to my laptop, it creates a new business instead of updating the existing Company Business I’ve created.
Any workaround to this?

That’s what it should be doing. Backup is a copy of business. Restoring from backup will restore the business to the point of time when backup was taken.

Hello there is a problem I’m facing. The problem occured second time in backup
I added some invoices and created backup after the invoices the summary showed the profit 177000
Then when i imported backup in the other pc
The profit shown is 191000 . But all invoices and entries are there. But what i noticed that in the inventory items few items became backordered as their purchase invoices were gone. The purchase transaction was empty and i assume the profit increased because inventory cost became zero of those items. Previously when i encountered the same problem i had to add starting balances for the items to adjust physical quantities as they were showing back ordered. And those purchase invoices are present in the pc i created back up from but not present in new pc i added that backup.

The pc 1 had the latest version and pc 2 had old version so when i imported backup it showed error that this is an older version so i installed latest version too then i imported the backup again & again but it was showing 191000 profit and same items in back order

Am i missing something or its a problem?
Also the new back up file size is greater then previous backup so i assume no data should be lost

First, never move a file via the backup and restore process unless the computers have the same version of Manager. And remember Manager may literally be updated several times in one day. A machine with a newer version can open and correctly use a backup file from an older version, but not the reverse.

Second, your problem sounds like it is related to different periods being reported, so some transactions are being ignored. Adjust the period on the Summary page by click Set Period.

Third, the only reason to ever use starting balances is when you are migrating to Manager from another accounting system. Starting balances carry over from closing balances of the previous accounting system. They are not to be used for inventory adjustments.

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When trying to restore data (having just updated the program, on Mac), the only backup file I can find is a *.manager, which is an invalid format. Is there another backup file on my computer that I’m missing? what would it be called?

When you update the program, the business data files (series of characters) should still be available when you start the application. You shouldn’t need to restore data. The backup file will be on the storage device you used and will be in the name of your business. Read below for file locations and descriptions (note - maybe different for a Mac)