Transfer data to the new computer

My computer that I installed the desktop edition have a problem and need to reinstall all application/software .How can I get my database to transfer to the new computer? I didn’t do a backup file, just only synced.

When you open business, there is a Backup button in top-right corner. Press that on each business you need to backup or transfer to another computer.

Then on new computer, install Manager, click Add Business button and select Import existing business to import your backup file.

Thank Lubos, I cant turn on my old computer so i cant open business at Manager so I had to install window 7 and Manager desktop edition again but i cant get my data back.

On Windows 7, your data should be stored in:


You will need to retrieve your data from this location on old computer.

thank you Lubos, I will do that

What I would recommend which is what I do for myself. Open Manager and click on about manager. Change the data path to where your documents are stored or as in my case my drive partition that contains all my data. This makes it easier to backup all your data if they are all in the same place.

You will need to created the folder location if it does not exist.