What is the correct format for import backup file

what is the correct format for import backup file

The correct format is the file created by the “Backup” button. No other format will work.

Thanks - will try again

See these Guides, if you have not:


I must be doing something incorrect. I have been working on Manager on my desktop and would like to be able to import the date to my laptop. I have downloaded Manager to my laptop. I clicked on the backup tab on my desktop and saved the file (without changing the name) to my USB.
Then I open Manager on my laptop. Click on New Business - then Import Backup, browse and click on the backup on the USB. I then get the message - incorrect format. My desktop is Windows 10, the laptop is Windows 7 - Does this matter. Greatly appreciate any help

The OS differences between Windows 7 and 10 won’t matter in either direction. But Manager version differences can. All versions can open older data files. But older versions may not work with backups made with newer versions. This happens because data structures change to handle new features.

On the Desktop - under About Manager what version is shown ?
On the Laptop - Under About Manager what version is shown ?