Transfering manager to another computer


I have been using manager in my first computer. Now I want to use manager in my new computer. How to transfer data ? I already downloaded Manager to new computer. pls advise.


On your old computer, make a Backup file by clicking the button at the top right of any screen (after you have selected the business). On the new computer, on the opening screen, click on the dropdown button labeled Add Business and select Import Business.


My old computer had been formatted by my office mate. I can remember I made few back ups months ago. Is there any way to recover my data. Pls advise.


Probably a good idea to not use that computer anymore. If you still have access to the old computer.
Have a look here
This is just one of many ways. There is much to find about unformatting on the internet.


In my first response, I gave you only the minimum information. So I will add some details.

You don’t say specifically which version of Manager you are using, but it sounds like the desktop version. It also sounds like you haven’t made a backup in several months. Assuming that is true, you must have access to the old computer. Click on About Manager on the top menu bar and you will see the folder where the application data is stored. As long as Manager has been functioning correctly for you, that is where your data is.

You can change that location to any drive that will be accessible by the new computer. This could be a network drive or simply a USB flash drive. Click the Backup button and navigate to the drive where you want the backup to be. If you use a flash drive, transfer it to the new computer. On the new computer, launch Manager and click Add Business. In the dropdown box, select Import. Navigate to the drive and folder where your backup data was just stored. Complete the import and you will have all your data available.

For safety, you should back up data regularly. The frequency will depend on how many transactions you have. Obviously, the backup file should be on a different drive than the main application data or you will lose both in the event of a disk crash.


Thanks for your information. Now I cannot access the old computer. The user has deleted old data. Is there a way to recover my data using new computer.


Dear Hans,

Now I have no access to old computer and user has deleted old data files. Is there a way to recover my manager data using this computer ?


If you were using the desktop version, your only realistic hope will be if you made a backup on a remote drive that you can access. If you can obtain access to the old computer temporarily, a data recovery professional might be able to download the “deleted” files. Unless a secure, overwrite deletion scheme was used, the data may actually still be on the hard drive.


Dear Tut,

Yes, I was using the desktop version. Unfortunately now I cannot access that computer.
I can remember I made backup s in several occasions with the old computer.
Pls advise.


If you have no back up and no old computer unfortunately you have lost all your data.
It’s shows the importance of making regular back up’s and keeping them on a separate memory stick.


I have sent this data to one my friends computer few months ago and I can get his support to recover this.
At the moment my data is running in his computer. How to get it to my computer. Pls advise.


Do exactly what I described in my second post of this topic. But start on your friend’s computer. Make a backup on a drive accessible by both computers, such as a flash drive. Then, on your new computer, download and install Manager. Add a business, choosing the import option, and import the backup from the flash drive.


The other computer is located at a distant place. Can he e-mail the data file.


Yes, the backup can be sent by email. Ask your friend to send the backup file.