How to restore backup from PC to Mac

I used Manager on my PC for a while now, but decided to use Manager on my Mac rather. How do I find the correct file on the PC and can I import it directly into Manager?

On your old computer, open your accounting entity and click Backup button in top-right corner. This will allow you to save your accounting file somewhere on your computer.

On your new computer, on businesses screen, click Add Business, then Import Backup and select your accounting file from your old computer.

Thanks for that lubos, however, will my Mac be able to “read” the PC’s backup file?

Yes. There is 100% compatibility between operating systems.

Going to give this a try.

Fantastic! Granted I had to upgrade the PC version to get to see the backup button. Then I imported that .manager file into my Mac version and voila!!

I’m so thankful to the people who developed this program, made a free version with cross-platform compatibility to boot. It has made the tedious task of accounting fun for a really small business owner like me that can now do everything myself.

Thanks again