Reports. Report title

Dear Tut,

May I ask how I can remove the word “Accrual Basis” away from the report as shown below.

Thank You

You cannot.

Dear Tut,

May I suggest to allow for changes in new version because in my country, they don’t read English language. It will be nice if we can add-in third language for them to read.

Thank You

Hello @emonchan5
Sorry, but your suggestion doesn’t make sense.
If you report your data in english this maens that they have no problem with the language .
If you report your data in other language this will mean that you should change entirely the IU language.

@emonchan5, your screen shot shows your language preference is set to English, but that you have created or edited some account or group names to include another language. Hard-coded content of reports, such as the accrual or cash basis annotation in the heading of the Profit and Loss Statement, appear in the language set under Preferences. See Set language | Manager. Note that not all languages have been completely translated by their translation teams. If a term is not yet translated, it will appear in English.

Apparently it is technically difficult to do so implementation of the idea has been deferred, see Preferences Language.
From a general practical perspective, dual language customisation is going to be difficult due to

  • Double the space is required for all titles
  • Customisation once for each language is a significant task. Their are far more pairs of languages which could be simultaneously shown.
  • Program performance implementation identified earlier

Other programs such as GnuCash do attempt to support this type of functionality with a language specifiable for user, supplier and customer. Clearly a major feature to embark on, as such looking for a work around or ways of working with what is available is likely to be more rewarding.

Dear Tut,

Yes. Thank You. I am glad you noticed it too.


Dear Patch,

Thank you for your reply. Yes I can see the difficulties as explained. I will do a workaround.
BTW, I was once a programmer and I can see the pain in doing it. Thanks