Just a little thing about language

Its unnerving down the bottom on right hand-side is language English(US) I went to change this to English(UK) or even new Zealand and it was not there.
US has different spelling than UK or NZ . But silly enough it distracts me

The absence of UK (or anything but US) English occurred at version 17.4.0, when the home page concept and data storage schemes were modified. I don’t personally know why.

I know the other little thing I would like is my custom fields to show in the asset report. I know you showed me a work around which works well but…

If you are referring to showing custom fields as columns in the Fixed assets tab listing, that isn’t a workaround. That is a purposely designed feature of the program that lets you do what you want. How else would you want it to work? What would you prefer that would be better than what you have, “which works well…?”

No you have miss understood. I wanted my custom field to be in the fixed asset REPORT not tab like I said in my post. and because you can not see them in the actual report you sugested that I could have the name of the asset and then type the br with the < > ether side of it and then the 50% DV and it will show up under the asset name.it is a work around as it is not in a separate column on the report.I found your reply a little condescending

No condescension at all, @Wornout. My misunderstanding was because there is nothing with the title “asset report” as you called it. So I assumed you meant the tab listing. There is a Fixed Asset Summary under Reports, to which I now assume you must be referring. If you’re referring to something else, please let me know.

The reason custom fields don’t show on reports is that formatting for PDF generation would be completely unpredictable. It would be impossible to predict what someone might put in a custom field, especially since they can be entire paragraphs and even images, with various sizes. It sounds like you are just putting in a depreciation code or abbreviation, which seems like it might be easy to accommodate. But you can see how hard it would be to handle a situation where someone entered a complete vehicle description or photograph. And what would you do with multiple fields like that?

Yes I was talking about the asset summary. and yes I agree with what you say about not being easy to do what I would like.But what you suggested is a great work around and so far nobody has noticed the difference from their old reports but it is tax time here so we shall see. at the end of the day thats the way it is I am not changing my accounting package just for the sake of 1 or 2 people I love Manager:laughing:

Seconded; U.S. “English” is very much not English. I would like an English version.

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