Add Description or Title to Budgets

Hello @lubos, the budget is helping me a lot. My request is the ability to add a description or name or title to a budget. For instance I have the same budget lines but for different periods and some even crossing over into different business years. And I always have to open them and be sure before working with them. The ability to add a description to budgets would help users easily find the right budget to work with.

This is already in Ideas category.


Hi, is there any update if the description field has been added in the update or is it still in progress or perhaps there is a flexibility for us to add a custom field?

The feature was added in March 2018, two weeks after it was first suggested. Did you take the time to look at the actual report?

Hi Tut, Thanks for your quick response. Yes i did. I was unable to set the description against accounts. Please find the screenshot attached.
Lets say I have an account of advertising, repairs/maint. etc, however I need to put a desc to elaborate multiple units among them. can you please advise how?

The only way to do that is to put the information into the account title, such as Repairs and maintenance - machinery and Repairs and maintenance - office equipment.

Actually that would clutter the chart of accounts. But i guess for now thats the only way out. Thanks Tut.

This topic was about titles/descriptions for the report, not supplementary information for account names.