Some suggestions for reports

During a project implementation for our customer, the following points raised for the reports:
A) Date on Reports - This is an important feature which is missing in all reports. Kindly add to authenticate the reports directly with the timestamp.
B) Customisation - Since there are customisation for invoices etc, please also add in feature that can be selected.
Thank you and looking forward.
Team DanOwa

A) All reports include either a date or period. Manager does not distinguish among transactions by time.

B) Invoices and other transaction forms are customized with themes that control the appearance of data that is already coded to appear. The displays for reports (except statements) are hard-coded. To customize one, you would need to be able to write your own program.

@Tut thank you for the reply!

A) Yes that’s true reports are based and distinguished by dates, however the question is not changing the reporting mechanism, it’s about hard-coding system to take the current date from the operating system and place better on the bottom of the reports. This will create a control for the print of those reports.

This is missing feature and must address for future releases.

B) We have programmer but how to get the codes, kindly share…

A) If you use server or cloud editions, you can set your browser to add the time stamp. Search the forum, where users have asked how to remove the time stamp.

B) My comment meant you would have to write your own program, not modify Manager. Manager’s code is not open source.

A) Currently using Single User, had searched for the issue of timestamp but couldn’t get it.
B) Hope the development team of Manager will look into in future.

@Tut kindly advice for A above.

A) There is no way.

B) Manager is published by a profit-making company. They are not going to give away the code.


If you go into edit report and in the footer put this

sorry I can not put code here as it wont show it will just show date and time
This is where I got it from in the first place

it will give you the current date and time in the footer

@Wornout fantastic thank you it worked!

Many thanks :slight_smile: