Custom "translation"

Since the market I’m using Manager for is fund management and many terms are different from more taditional market I was wandering if it would be possible to do an English Fund Management translation

Can you be more specific what needs to be adjustable? I assume titles on reports?

Hi @lubos,

yes, mainly the reports (titles of the whole report and titles of the columns/fields).

This could be done better with custom reports… is there a tentative release date of the custom reports map? By the way, if It I can suggest, the custom reports should be savable in Manager (with the possibility to set a default path for the saved file) and schedulable/callable.

Do you have any specific report in mind? The reason why I’m asking is because some reports already have capability to set custom title and column names.

You’re right… after some days of use I managed to customize almost all report.

If I can ask you… my actual main issues are linked to the capital accounts since in my job the unitsholders reason both on quantities and total amount. When I register received payments I can insert quantity and unit price of the quota… if I look the payment recipes I can see both quantity and unit price but I cannot get it in the capital account reports. Can you help me with a custom report?

Is Capital accounts the right tab to use for what you are doing?

The purpose of capital accounts is to track balances for partners, beneficiaries or fund members. I’m not really sure under what circumstances would tracking of quantities make sense when using capital accounts. Maybe @tony has some experience with this?

hi @lubos,

in Closed End Fund Management the Quotaholders (subscribers of the quotas, ie equity partners of the fund) subscribe a number of quotas that should put into a Fund whenever the Management Company call them. The value of the quota is calculated every semester (or more often) and so if I call 1 quota at 30/6/2017 or 1 quota at 31/12/2017 I will call different amount of money but I would assign the same number of quotas and so the same right to get dividends.

The problem is that I should always track the number since, when I will distribute dividends, I will distribute them proportionally to the number of quotas that each quotaholder has and not to the money that he put into the fund.

The make an improper example, it’s like an inventory item with opposite sign (i even tried it but it doesn’t work).



It sounds like your need is much like a publicly traded corporation keeping track of shareholders. It’s a necessary function, but does not involve accounting transactions. There are some records that just need to be kept outside the accounting system.

Hi @Tut and @lubos,

of course it can be managed outside, but since these datas are already inside Manager (I track the shareholder’s drawdowns and reimbursement as Quantity x QuotaValue and the system stores it since I can see it in the Payment and Receipt statement) it’s only a matter of a report of like a cash account filtered by (1) Capital Account, (1) a starting and (2) ending dates showing Q.ty, Unit Value and total valure.

This with the add of custom fields also for Capital Accounts would be more than perfect to manage everything of a traded fund.


Only if a share register is integrated with Manager where the number of
shares held would be tracked but a share register for a public company
which has frequent changes to shareholdings would require a specialized

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@lubos, @tut

Hi, I was thinking… Can I use non inventory items for equity injections and reimbousements?

Don’t think so, Non-Inventory Items are only references names they don’t hold quantitative balances.

I’d say that what you are trying to do is not supported by Manager. I guess eventually there could be new tab called Shareholders which could act as a share register.

@lubos that would be great. Tell me if you need help to implement it.