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How to change preferences language in different users in same business. (Eg. “ABC Co.” business want to use UserA as English and UserB want to use as Arabic).

You cannot. Preferences apply to all users.

Thanks Tut,

If the preferences menu is under “Settings” it can be, most of the applications are user base settings. Is there any plan to update according to user base settings to full fill my needs?

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Dear @lubos

Is there any roadmap on this request?

This is already requested in a earlier post, Setup default system language for each user, which was requested in Dec. 2015.

@sainrex, @koval, @aspenforest, @mehdi

This feature is build-in other web-based accounting (Openbravo, Front Accounting, Compiere, NolaPro) and non-webbased (TurboCash and GNUCash).

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there was never any decision to implement this. these were only suggestions and not ideas.

Dear @sharpdrivetek

Thank you for your response. Sorry for misinterpreting the previous posts.

It just seems that this is really a necessity for alot of users.

Can this please be considered as a idea for implementing?

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i myself had discussed about this with @lubos few months back.


I cannot access this weblink.

sorry that was a PM. so i guess you cannot see it.
i am editing my earlier reply.

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I don’t really understand why is this being requested. If you set up a business in Manager, you will generally have all data (e.g. chart of accounts) entered in specific language. Why would you allow users to have user interface in language B while data is still in language A? You’d be looking at the program where all buttons, names of fields, tabs etc are in language B while all data (e.g. chart of accounts) is still in language A. What’s the point?

@Sir, In our company in Saudi Arabia, Arabs and expatriates are working together. Most of the expatiates does not know Arabic language as well as Arabs does not know English also. In this case if we create one “business” in Arabic language, it is creating more problem in English users. because they does not know Arabic. Vice verse also. It means all nationalities need to use same “business” in there language.
Is there any problem keep language in “settings”? if you keep in “settings” our problem will go !!!
Really we need it Sir,

OK, so in what language do you set up your chart of accounts?

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According to User Language…

How about customer/supplier names, inventory items, non-inventory items, fixed assets, names of bank/cash accounts… you see there is a lot of it. You surely not going to maintain all data in two languages at the same time, right?

Dear @lubos

I have the same problem we are a NGO and our members speak different languages (English & Afrikaans). Some do not even understand the other language.

I set up the Chart of Accounts in both languages:

Default Manager: (Eg Salaries)

Customized entry: Salaries - Salarisse (Both Languages)

Therefore this is not a problem, the problem is the different documents (Invoices, Statements, etc. must be in the specific language), furthermore the idea would be that the different users must be able to lock in en be able to use a language they are comfortable in!


I want purchase Server Ed Manager, but stuck with Language preference.

Could you please, at least make on login screen to choose the language selection.


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Language is not user-specific.

Dear @uisjob1

Great idea, thank you!

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Dear @lubos.

Please look into this. It will really be of great help having the ability that different users on a company can use different languages.

PS! Translating the data, is not a neccesity now… Please

It would be of great use also in Greece. We use greek language for internal transactions but when we have to work abroad we need to use the english language.