Remittance Advice has vanished

Where has the Remittance Advice in Reports gone to? It used to be in reports I am sure.

Remittance advice was added long time ago when it wasn’t possible to print cash transactions. Now that cash transactions can be printed, that should serve as remittance advice.

So I’m not going to add remittance advice under reports but I’m happy to improve the look of Spend money transaction when printed so it’s just as good as remittance advice if not better.

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An automatic pickup of a supplier address, if a supplier is the payee, would be very useful. If no address is available within Manager, an address field could help. Same comment applies to customers for Receive Money transactions.

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I am happy to use the Payment Form as it makes sense to have the remittance advice operation in the payments area instead of in the reports as remittance advice was not logically placed in the reports area as it were… The problem with the Payments Form is that it does not have the supplier invoice number (which the remittance advice did) unless we are supposed to use the payment reference number for that. My understanding is that the payment reference number is not meant to be used for the supplier invoice number (or is it). If you can correct that issue, that resolves my issue with the payment advice slip.

When you pay supplier, do you usually specify purchase invoice or just allocate it to supplier and let Manager decide which invoice to allocate the amount automatically?

I go to purchase invoice, spend money. However, when I look at the payment slip, it does not show the invoice number that I see in edit. I had to use the reference number on the far RHS of the screen to show the Invoice ref number on the payment slip, even though that reference number is supposed to be used for payment reference, not the suppliers invoice number.

If you can get the payment slip to show the invoice number as shown in the edit, that would be great.

The latest version (16.8.53) will automatically show that information in Description column if it’s left empty when creating the payment.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

Payment advice is a payment advice, you cant replace it. It typically shows more details and is in a form of a letter. What you print from cash transactions cant be sent outside the company. I just noticed it gone and I am disappointed. In my country payment advice a standard ways of notifying suppliers of payments, showing details like cheque number, Bank paid from etc which are not displayed in Manager. Up till now, Manager doesn’t show the cash account from which a payment was made how can you send this to a supplier as payment advice?

check the below image i copied from one accounting software.

I quite like the letter look of the payment advice in that software. However, if implemented in Manager, it would have to pick up the name of the client as Sir/Madam would be very unsuitable for my line of work! But an interesting concept as I had not thought of payment advice being in the form of a letter.

In my experience, when I receive one, it is simply a stub attached to a check with straightforward financial details: amount, reference numbers, etc.

Yes that is true, but I quite like the letter concept of the payment advice. It looks more personal as if the person took the time to write the letter. Its not a question of right or wrong, but more a different approach that could come across as more upmarket.

The M/S social security payables is supposed to be the name of the supplier and their address, this is just an example I printed out. In that application you can generate payment advice from suppliers or from accounts, the above was generated from an account called social security payables, if it had been a supplier, the address and everything would have appeared perfectly. Even SAP after bringing the name of the supplier and the address above will go ahead with dear sir Madam and show the details below including even the bank account of the supplier the funds were transferred into. See below a payment advice from one company to my company on 2nd September



Sorry what I meant is that I would need something like Dear Carol etc. My clients I work with year in year out, so in my line of work I would not put Sir/Madam and putting in the name of the client would be the name of the school that they work at not their name. Anyway the concept is nice and perhaps Lubos will improve the Payment Advice in a similar manner as the current form is a bit basic.

If you want to make payment view look like a letter, you will be able to do it in future using HTML templates.

Anyway, remittance advice was glorified version of payment view. I’ll rather improve payment view than having two features which serve roughly the same purpose.

And there is always supplier statement to give more comprehensive view of the supplier account.

I liked using remittance advice to email to my suppliers to indicate that I have paid. I don’t mind now using payment but it doesn’t show supplier address and when you go to email it their email address isn’t there and I have to put it in manually. Am I missing something?


This is a good point. I agree, I will have to find a solution to this.


Sorry to dig up this old topic but could the Supplier Statement report be configured to have the heading “Remittance Advice” in place of “Statement” … perhaps?

You could do that with a custom theme, following the procedure described here: But the result will not be very satisfactory, because the transaction-type statement is going to show an opening balance, debit and credit columns, and from and to dates.

Why not just send a copy of the Payment form?