Remittance Advice versus Payment Template

I am probably doing something wrong.

On remittance advice, it shows the Suppliers address, whereas on the Payment template it only shows name of Supplier.
On Remittance advice, it only shows the Reference Number which I have been using to put in my invoice number. So I am seeing invoice#11 under reference on the Remittance which is of no use to the supplier if they have no idea what my invoice number is. On the Payment template, it shows 11 under Reference next to my company details (which is where it should be as its the invoice number) and in the table it has a description column where I put what I am paying for.

I don’t really see the point of the Remittance template as the Payment template has the information that the supplier is interested in.

Unless I am supposed to be putting the suppliers reference number in the Reference for payment and not my invoice number?

When should I be using the payment template and when should I be using the remittance template?

I have changed the reference number in the payment to be that of the suppliers order number. so now when I do a payment the reference shows the suppliers order number on the Remittance Advice.

I think that this will work better as the bank statements then show the suppliers order number and my purchase invoice number for the same transaction. So I am closing this question.

Ability to print “payments” is recent addition. Remittance advice was in Manager much longer. I agree there is now ambiguity but remittance advice should be still preferred way to advice supplier of your payment until I figure out how to merge these two concepts.

Why do you need to have internal number for each purchase invoice? Why not just to stick to number supplier gave you?

I agree with you. The Remittance advice is preferable as it contains the full address and the reference number should contain the suppliers invoice number. Now that I am using the suppliers order number on the spend money reference field, its working more as is expected. The details of what I am buying from them is not relevant to them, so the payment slip is more for my reference, so I understand the difference bettter now.

I print off all my purchase and sales invoices to keep in files in case something catastrophic happens to my computer and backup - I have everything on paper. So I like to have my purchase invoice numbers run sequentially from 1- infinity so that its easy for me to file my purchase invoices in sequential order. I put the suppliers order number on the PO form in a custom field and I put the suppliers order number on the spend money template so that in my bank account I have my purchase invoice number and the suppliers invoice number together. For paperwork filing its much easier to have sequential numbers.