Remittance Advice

I really liked the previous feature of a remittance advice.

I post a lot of cheques to suppliers, and attaching them to a remittance advice was always beneficial.

The new Receipt feature does not put in the Suppliers address which was great for using window faced envelopes, and it also does not list the purchase invoice numbers.

Any possibility of re-intrducing it.

As an aside, I’ve been using Manager for the past 3 years, and I absolutely love it.

Thank you, and please keep up the good work!

Although not directly related to your main question, you should not be using a Receipt when you pay a supplier. You should be using a Payment, which is generated by a Spend money transaction.

Apologies, I meant to state “payment”.

I concur. The remittance advice under payment slip is missing a lot of information that used to be contained in the original remittance advice. The template design of this needs to be improved considerably as the suppliers see this and its not very well laid out

I agree it would be nice to be able to add an address to payment and receipt forms. But what is wrong with the rest of the layout? Layout is finally consistent across all forms, making for a much higher level of professionalism. And you can select different themes or create your own.

Layout is ok, I would have like to have it automatically input purchase invoice number like remittance advice used to, but I can live without it!

After a major restructuring of the accounts receivable and accounts payable functions early last year, payments and receipts are no longer linked to customer subaccounts the way purchase and sales invoices are. My layout question was really meant for @dalacor.

In practically every form in Manager, the reference number is underneath the date - the only exceptions are payment and receipt slips. In receipts template, I can understand the logic as you might have three cheques from three different clients, but one desosit in the bank account so it makes sense to have the client name and invoice number in the description field, but with payments you are generally going to have one supplier that you are paying with a cheque or bank transfer so having the supplier name - invoice number doesn’t really make sense.

A better suggestion would be to have invoice number - description field such as the following

Invoice 41 - Wireless Install
Invoice 47 - Projector Install

and the top title could be Wireless and Projector Installation

Also I would like to get rid of the # in front of the invoice number as I don’t see the need to have a hash. But also having the supplier address would just make it look more finished.

If you actually enter a Reference number on a payment or receipt, it shows up where you’d like it:

The references you mentioned are those picked up to identify specific invoices. In one case, you have the reference for this specific payment form. In the other, you have references for other forms. So the program is consistent in where it places references for forms being displayed. It has to be, the forms are all generated by the same theme code.