Payee name has disappeared from past payments

Hi, I’ve just noticed that the format of payments page has changed, so we now have a side by side from / to format. Unfortunately, with this update, it seems that all payees in my past payments have disappeared from the ‘payee’ field and have instead been migrated to a custom field I have called ‘Contact’, which is not where I want the payee to appear.

Also, while we’re on the subject of payments, it would be really useful if the description used in purchase and sales invoices would automatically appear in the description field, when one clicks ‘payment’ or ‘receipt’ from an invoice. I think it stands to reason that the description for the payment or receipt on an invoice is going to have the same, or similar, description as the original invoice and if the description field were completed automatically, as some fields are, it would save a lot of copying and pasting.


This is by design because new Payee / Payer field is directly linked to list of customers and suppliers.

The previous field was just plain text not linked to anything.

We are facing the challenge.

Before, we make payment directly from cash account.
Now, we are not able to type in the payee name.
Is the system designed now for us to create every receiver of money as a supplier.
Is cash payment meant to pass through supplier?

Please review and advice.

You are not obliged to enter the supplier which is an optional firld. You can enter the Payee in the custom field that was generated by the system after the update.

This is a disaster to us. I hope that we can enter the payee field without prior creation in a supplier set up as dummy supplier.

Hi Lubos

All my payees are customers or suppliers are already in the system and whenever I made a payment or received one in the past, my supplier / customer name would automatically appear on the payment / receipt page. If they were already in the system as suppliers or customers, why did their names not automatically transfer to the new ‘payee’ field? Thanks

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Yes, but I would like to have my suppliers / customers in the payee field, which is where they were before the change to the linked system.

It is nice that we now have all the supplier / customer details, not just the name, but it means I would have to go back and manually add them to who knows how many past entries, when it would have been better if those that were already in the system as customers and suppliers were recognised and appeared automatically in the new field.

Lubos says that he will implement on near future a find and recode utility to do that automatically.

I think that is because they are just a text field and not a real link. It is like a copy and past of the name that could have even changed during time.

Use the custom field that was automatically generated. All the previous Payees were moved there and can still be used.

OK, thanks Davide. Let’s hope Lubos manages to do that… I got a shock when I saw all my ‘Payers’ / ‘Payees’ had disappeared.

Also, to those who would like to see their payer / payee names on their payments or receipts in the interim, you can go to ‘custom fields’ - ‘Payment or Receipt’ - edit ‘contact’ and then tick view on printed documents and / or view as column. This way you will at least be able to see the name of the payee / payer at the bottom of the document until Lubos can automatically migrate the details to the new field.

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@lubos - I fully agree with OWS - if you can in a future update migrate all contact information to the payee field (assuming that they were in suppliers/customers) that would be very helpful or can we do this ourselves?

My understanding is that we no longer need the contact field (which was just a text field) but can instead use the payee/payer field which is now linked to our customer/supplier database. Is there any reason to keep the contact field as a couple of other posts seem to suggest that we need both now?

Yes, there is. In your business, all payers and payees may be defined customers or suppliers. But for many users, this is not the case. Whenever a payer/payee is not a customer/supplier, the name is consigned to a custom field at the bottom of forms and is banished from lists.

Well Lubos has indicated in another post that he wants to permanently get rid of the freeform field. As I only have suppliers and clients in my payee fields, it doesn’t bother me and in point of fact I actually agree with him about the ability to link up everything.

However, I do see your point when you are not using defined customers etc. But I will leave that with you to discuss with him. Having said that, I agree with his direction. It is just a case of thinking how to handle non defined customers etc and also to evaluate the purpose of having a non defined customer as opposed to a defined customer. Anyway that is between you and the developer.

The purpose is to avoid activating the Customers and Sales Invoices tabs when you don’t need them. Same thing applies to Suppliers and Purchase Invoices tabs.

I just noticed that Suppliers that have prepayments as control account, when you want to pay:
a. under payee their names pop as you select, but
b. under accounts, once accounts payable is selected, their names do not appear.
Why this experience? we need help, please.

@cmnak, when you reassign a supplier to a custom control account instead of Accounts payable, that reassignment applies to everything about that supplier. So if you are entering a payment against a purchase invoice from such a supplier, you cannot select Accounts payable. You must select the custom control account, then the supplier’s name.

That answers the question I think you asked. But I am not certain what you mean by “prepayments as control account.” No payment of any type is a control account. So, if I have not answered your questions, please furnish more details. It would also help if you show the Edit screen of the supplier definition.

See attached screen shot for a proper understanding of what I mean.

Some vendors are paid upfront (prepayment), then the services expense monthly at month end, thereby reducing our balance with them at each month end till the balance is zero.
Such payments includes rents, health medical scheme etc.

Please review and revert back.

Your screen photograph confirms that you have assigned this supplier to a control account named Prepayments. So the conditions in the first paragraph of my earlier response apply. You will no longer find this supplier under Accounts receivable.

Ok. Then how will work?

For a supplier falls into two categories - Accounts payable or prepayment

How will the payment be handled in Manager Accounting Software, for we never experience this problem before now?

I had never thought of creating a second account for my supplier, I have a couple that we pay in advance and they take their payments each month and top up as required.

TBH, these accounts have always been a real bugger to reconcile. I like the idea but don’t quite understand how it works.

The way we have always done it is to create a payment under the accounts payable section and it becomes a credit onto the account and when we get an invoice it is paid directly from that credit (ie, we don’t have to “make” a payment, when the invoice is entered, it automatically is paid).

I do like the idea of having the separate account, but in reality, is it required? I mean if you can see the credit in the accounts payable, is it necessary?

But don’t listen to me, @tut will definitely have the best/better answer/approach. (watching) :slight_smile:

@d3mad described the simplest method. There is an entire Guide devoted to that: Record supplier deposits and advances | Manager.

A more elaborate method is to use special accounts. See Use special accounts | Manager.