Remittance Advice

Is there an option to do Remittance Advices?

The latest version (14.2.24) now includes remittance advices.

If you are recording invoices from suppliers under Purchase Invoices tab, you will find your remittance advices which you can send to suppliers under Reports tab -> then Remittance Advice

Is it possible to make a remittance advice that shows payment for multiple invoices for supplier ?

It already works that way. Just record single payment that will be split across multiple purchase invoices and remittance advice will be automatically generated for that single payment showing how the payment has been applied to multiple invoices.

I need all purchases invoices for one client on the same remittance advice. Following the steps above, if there are 6 purchases invoices for one client in a month, I have to send 6 remittance advices instead of 1.

I see, right now remittance advice will only combine what has been paid on the same day. If you need to send them summary what you have paid in a month, then I think the most appropriate way to handle this will be to send them “supplier statement” (opposite of “customer statement”). This report is not in Manager yet but it will be added within a week (working on it)

Supplier statements have been added to the latest version (15.2.18)

So if you need to send your supplier a statement that will cover a period (e.g. month), you can go to Reports, then Supplier Statements

I feel, there is something missing on this Remittance Advice.
Purchase invoice was booked against a supplier. While making a cheque payment, Accounts payable was selected and the respective invoice was called into and the same was accounted for under Uncleared Payment on the bank account. After 3 days, when the cheque was honored by the bank, spend money option was selected from the bank account tab and debited the uncleared payments. All looks fine. But there is no Remittance Advice for this transaction. Any idea?
Also, when the supplier statement is taken, the description shows as below, which will be misunderstood by the supplier. It should have the reference number instead of mentioning it like Uncleared Payments.

What I see here is that there is no Remittance Advice generated if the payment was done through cheque uncleared payment option. If the cheque is directly debited to bank account, then yes, we will have the Remittance Advice. Since the date of cheque release and honoring dates are different, we may have to use the uncleared payment option, but then no Remittance advice.

Fixed in the latest version (15.2.38)

@lubos The supplier statement still shows “Payment Release Uncleared Payments”. Is there a wat you can replace this “uncleared payment” with the reference number of the instrument?

Fixed in the latest version (15.2.42)

Thank you very much. It is perfect now…

Hope there is small bug in the remittance advice. Recently I have added an overseas supplier and transactions are in US$. After spending money in local currency, which the bank converts into US$ while transfer, it is found that the remittance advice has US$ symbol on local currency value. While creating this supplier, the currency was selected as US$, which could be the bug.

In the above, 81878 is the local currency amount and not $ as the symbol states.
Please have a look into this…

If you set the supplier up as US$ then wouldn’t one assume that all documentation relating to that supplier would also be in US$.

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Yes, it has to be. But the figures are in local currency. See the image attached earlier. On our books, we use local currency as base. In the advice, the currency symbol is fine, but the figure in foreign currency need to be shown there instead of local currency figure.
On the above 81,878 is my local currency amount, but shown as $81,878 in the advice, which is wrong. It should be $1,213 in this report.
Hope I have clarified myself here.