Recurring Billing

We have a question regarding recurring billing.

Is there any way to achieve this with Manager?

Currently this is not possible. Recurring invoices are on roadmap so it will be eventually implemented.

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Ok, thank you.

Is there any public roadmap or something similar?

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when can we expect this feature.

Any update about that? Keep up the good work!

Unfortunately not yet, I’m trying to get done all the features I did commit to by certain date (luckily there is not much left). Then I’m going to look at what’s next and will be able to commit to new dates. Recurring billing is pretty high on the list so it won’t take too long.

Any chance of recurring expenses being in same update?

Yeah, the same principle will be applied to purchase invoices too.

Any update on recurring billing?

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I have a question. Why cloning doesn’t work for you? Clone functionality on sales invoices is pretty close to recurring billing. Sure, you need to remember when to clone but if you have only a handful of invoices, I would just do that. Is it that you have so many customers on retainers/subscriptions that cloning is just too much hassle?

Cloning is sure a good way to go when you have just a few customers and invoices, but as soon as you start to have a good amount of customers that you would like to charge every month mixed with random bills, it gets really messy to look around for your bills.

Also, you know how it is to be working a lot, you sometimes just forget to create the bill and can quickly run 2 or 3 weeks late on your billing process.

Recurring billing would be just amazing if it could:

  • Create automatically at a precise date
  • Find and replace words (for instance date)
  • Send automatically by email to the customer

But, as you may understand, the only feature we are asking for here is automatic cloning at pre-defined date.

Does that look more clear to you?

OK, recurring billing has been added to the latest version (14.9.0).


That is just completely awesome.

I’ve been waiting for this feature so many weeks. Thank you.

One more thing, now that the invoices are created, I have to manually enter each bill and click the send button, do you think that you could have a checkbox that would send the email right away with a pre-defined message?

This feature is great once set up. However, could it also be set up through the present Clone feature for invoices? We have many invoices that we clone regularly. It would save us time not to have to redo them separately.

In future, this will be possible. For now you can set up email templates which should make the workflow a bit easier.


Most of our customers are regularly scheduled for the same services every week, two weeks, every month etc with occasional changes in dates or services. This feature would be great if we didn’t have to re-create the information from existing invoices in another part of the software and not from existing invoices. Right now, it looks like I can only create a pending list of invoices manually re-entering all information. The ability to edit and remove pending invoices seems to be missing. It would be nice for us if we could select pending (recurring) invoices if they appear correct or edit them if required with one or two clicks. Hope you understand what I am getting at. We create invoices in Manager on a smart phone on site. The simpler the better. Thanks.

I might add option to copy regular invoice into recurring invoice through Copy to button. That would allow you to rapidly create recurring invoices from previous ones.

Also, when Manager creates “pending” invoices in Sales Invoices tab, you can easily go and edit them if required before sending to customer. Right?

Yes you can edit prior to sending a “pending” invoice. However, if you want to make a change to a “pending” invoice, say for a price change into the future, you do not want to edit every pending invoice into the future in this way do you? With a “copy to” I would have to either directly create or clone and edit an existing invoice to make a change before “copy to”. Perhaps if “copy to” acts like “replace” for an existing pending invoice. Also you did not mention removing “pending” invoices from the list. I don’t think that you would want to carry “pending” invoices after they are no longer needed. It all seems very messy to me and not straightforward enough. Also, if this feature were general enough it could be used wherever cloning is currently used (such as in journal entries) saving time for us having to clone the same entries every month, week or whatever. Hope you understand my concerns. Thanks.

That’s correct. In this case, just create this once-off invoice manually by cloning and then suspend recurring invoices until some future date so it skips this once-off invoice.

You can “remove” future pending invoices by going to Recurring Sales Invoices section and edit Next issue date to when you want recurring invoices to resume.

Yeah, first I want to make sure it works properly for sales invoices, then I’ll replicate this functionality where applicable.

Thank you for clarification. I see upon trying it that there is the ability to update and delete as in other screens which I didn’t realize before from the how-to-setup instructions. Please add the Copy to functionality or something similar as soon as you can so we can start using this for all our customers. Thanks again Lubos.