Auto Email Recurring Invoice

Is it possible to have new recurring invoice mailed when it is created every set date?
If not will it be a feature in future? If you start getting more customers that take a monthly service from you it will be a lot of work/admin to mail these invoices.


I agree. The same goes for customer statements, if you have many customers, you need to send those emails individually which can take some time. I’m definitely going to solve this issue, probably bulk email or something like that.


Can I suggest for recurring invoice you might want no user intervention. as soon as the date comes up for recurring invoice generate and auto send to customer.
You already have your default email for the business setup and the customer details and mail setup.
Have a field when creating recurring invoice with “email to” field?

@lubos - Any update on the ability to email recurring invoices automatically? We run a small but growing telecommuniciations company and web hosting company and currently generate around 85-100 invoices monthly. I’m coming off of Quickbooks and am running Manager Server so we can send invoices from the field. So far everything is PERFECT except this.

Also, I’d love to hear whether recurring PAYMENTS are coming anytime soon? We currently have somewhere around 200 auto-pay invoices that charge our credit card each month and it appears no way to save these transactions. I believe the ability to invoice from the field still outweighs this, but it seems like the feature of auto-emailing is a popular one in my searches. Anything we can do to help?

If you use under Cash Accounts - Import Bank Statement (read Credit Card Statement) then you can utilise Bank Rules to automatically process all of these.

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That doesn’t quite seem right. One major reason for doing ANY accounting is to check everyone else and make sure things balance. By importing a bank statement, you aren’t checking anything you are simply relying on the bank to be accurate.

For example if my normal payment on the 4th of the month is $218 and next month they charge $353, importing a bank statement will not catch this, but a true reconciliation will.

We reconcile our accounts once a week taking the bank balance and checking off all transactions that have cleared. If the two balance we are good. If there are any discrepancies then the difference is very helpful in finding the error.

Ok to clarify, when you do an Import Statement, you first have a view screen where you review and check each item and then once it’s ticked it will update your accounts based on the bank rule for that transaction - which is more “automatic” then manually entering each transaction individually.

So the reconciliation of the payments is done at that point rather then later through a separate process - any disputed variations would be posted to a suitable BS clearing account and with future corrections also being posted to the clearing account - so they cancel out.

hmmm I’ll have to give that a shot.

I’m mostly trying to figure out where we are at with the automatic e-mailing of recurring invoices. I really don’t want to have to go in to each invoice one at a time and email it out. From reading this forum, it looks like this still isn’t automated. Can you clarify?

There won’t ever be “automatic” e-mailing of recurring invoices. What I’m going to add is ability to send email to many recipients (e.g. customers) at once (batch emailing) rather than going one by one.

I think this is what you are after, right? I doubt you want Manager to do something totally automatically without your consent.

I need to make a few improvements to Emails tab before batch emailing will be added. For example, emailing 200 customer statements at once will take several minutes so Manager will need to improve so emails can be sent in background while you can continue using the program to do something else. Emails tab would give you feedback which emails are still “sending” and which have been already sent. Not to mention, the plan is for Emails tab to show attachments too so you can review what exactly has been sent.


Yes, batch emailing would be perfect so long as there’s a way to set it so that the automatically recorded invoices can be added to the batch. For example, on July 1st, all of my recurring invoices would get added to the batch and we can just click Send. Right now it’s a challenge to handle our monthly invoices in Manager. Yes they are set as recurring, but then I have to go in to each one and email it. Aside from this, Manager is an AWESOME product, good work!

@lubos batch emailing would be enough for us if we can automate it with e.g. Python scripting of the API to trigger instantiation and sending out of recurring invoices automatically for all our customers (members) when they are due (monthly), i.e. exactly what you said Manager wouldn’t do on its own.

For us, consent is given when the recurring invoice is created, and an invoice can easily be cancelled if it’s wrong, so we’d rather optimise to automatically do what is right 99.9% of the time, even if it means that we have to build something ourselves.

Please see my comments in another thread, for why this feature is so important to us.

So, would you be willing to add these features to the API (I can’t see any way to access recurring invoices for example) so that we can build it ourselves? Thanks in advance for considering this request. :slight_smile:

@lubos, any advance on this? I currently do about 50-60 weekly recurring invoices. It would be great after creating them all to be able to send all in one motion. This seems to be a popular and long time request.

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I am evaluating this product for a client who is looking to move away from Intuit. And this is certainly a must have feature for him. He would be looking at the server version. Batch mode would be good as long as you could do something that would grab the already created invoices and email them to the appropriate email address in customer record. (For him, a must have is for it to be hosted on his Linux server as well, which is why we made it this far in the eval process.)

No custom implementation is done. So you will have to wait if and until @lubos will implement this function.

Dear Support!
It is me again. Maybe I missed recent discussions on this topic, but is batch emailing of customer statements/invoices possible yet?
Kind Regards

No, or this topic would no longer be in the Ideas category.

Yep in the same boat - Keenly await this option too. We need to send Invoices and statement to multiple customers in bulk.

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Hi there - We’ve just discovered “Manager” after using “Wave” for many years. We’re a charitable Trust and one of the really useful features in Wave for us is the ability to automatically email recurring invoices as they come due.

It looks like Manager does not have this functionality, I’d just like to add my vote to this feature as it’s a huge timesaver when sending multiple recurring invoices monthly.

Just some thought surround this bulk email / Auto email idea / feature. The crew were wondering if it will take on the shape where as Invoices are generated they work automatically be queued for email and then on a specific day they could be processed and fired out? Understandably most small business would most likely want to fire their Invoices out immediately to help ensure customers pay on time and keep their cashflow healthy. We are fascinated as to how this feature will play out in the end. Some other accounting software applications work this queue method …

Has there been any update on batch emailing? I don’t see any feature like that. Did look into the api but don’t see anything to be able to trigger emails.