Recurring Purchases Invoices

Is there recurring purchases invoices just like recurring sales invoices?

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No but it is currently under consideration. While recurring sales invoices is no-brainer, I’m not so sure about purchase invoices because you don’t control your supplier issuing them.

Can you justify need for this feature? By the way, there is Clone function which can allow you to quickly duplicate existing purchase invoice if required so it’s not like you need to re-create regular purchase invoices from scratch.

Recurring Purchases invoices option is needed for monthly fixed expensess ,payments & if the supplier has already issued his invoices which should be settled partially on monthly basis

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OK, I don’t mind replicating recurring sales invoices module in accounts payable but it might take a few weeks before it happens. For the time being, use Clone function.

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Thanks a lot.

Awaiting for that option

Any updates

Any news on implementing recurring purchase invoices? I have very many monthly subscriptions which are the same month after month e.g. monthly payments. I have a spreadsheet of purchase invoices I have to manually add every month. It would be great if I could set them to recurring and have them auto-created.