Recurring transactions not available in Manager?

Running Manager 15.3.54 in Windows 7 now to get the recurring invoices feature. It is not however visible.
Any suggestions on how to activate this feature? Or has it been removed since version 14?

Go to Settings > Recurring Sales Invoices.

As you can see from the image, Recurring Invoices is not listed.

Go to Settings, not into Customize

Thank you. I’ve created a recurring sales invoice for a subscribed service, however, it bothers me that I must go to recurring invoice setup every time to create another. Why can it not b part of sales invoices selected as a recurring “toggle switch”?
It seems to lack proper flow. No disrespect intended.

Sales > INV or RCPT > if INV, RECURRING OR ONCE, if RECURRING > … etc.

Most people don’t use recurring sales invoices feature. If this would be available under Sales Invoices tab, it would only contribute to user interface clutter which I’m trying to avoid.

Also, getting into recurring sales invoices list takes 2 clicks, getting into sales invoices list takes 1 click. If I’d add toggle switch for recurring sales invoices, it would still be 2 clicks to get there so it’s not like it would be any faster.

Greetings, I have also begun using Recurring Sales Invoices. I was interested if this feature can be sent to the customer via email?

Just to through another opinion in on the workflow point, I too am of the opinion that Settings is the wrong place to find features like Recurring Invoices. I think settings should be reserved for rarely adjusted functions that affect the behaviour of the software more than what is really the input of operational data.

I think the presence of a new button under the Sales Invoice screen labelled “New Recurring Sales Invoice” wouldn’t amount to clutter and would improve the visibility of this feature. Indeed, when a recurring sales invoices is due to be generated, I notice a bar appears at the top of the Sales Invoice screen which makes the Recurring Sales Invoice screen easy to access anyway. If this were permanent when recurring invoices were present (regardless if they were due to be issued or not), the need for that link from Settings would be eliminated.

On a related but different note, the recurring invoices screen doesn’t appear to incorporate any of the custom fields that can be generated for regular sales invoices.

Finally, would there be a chance of having similar functionality implemented for purchase invoices? This would be helpful for things like monthly phone bills and other recurring bills where at the moment I’m manually creating each month’s purchase invoice at the start of the financial year which is a bit of a chore, even with the clone function.

@BGPS, are you using purchase invoices for things like utility bills? It seems unnecessary, since the utilities expect immediate (or almost immediate) payment. Why not just Spend Money from the bank account? Purchase invoices are more appropriate when buying on credit, that is, with somewhat extended payment terms. In my experience, the utility bill may sit around for a few days before I get around to paying it, but it would sit just as long waiting to be converted to a purchase invoice. Just a thought for one less transaction to record. :wink:

I am yes, for a few reasons.

First (and least of all) it’s how I’ve always had expenditure recorded and I like consistency, second I like to have expenditure properly related to supplier records and unless I’m mistaken there’s no way to properly like a transaction through “Spend Money”. Finally, at the start of the financial year I can put all of my known expenses for the year into the system as commitments. That way I always have an at a glance position for the year ensuring I’m fully aware of upcoming larger expenses.

Yours is a fair point though, my method does mean extra administrative tasks.