Recurring payments


I’m new to all of this, so please forgive me if this is a stupid question.

Is it possible to add recurring bills at all? For example, my web hosting is charged monthly and automatically debited from my account.


Usually what happens is that you would import your bank statements on regular basis and then Manager would automatically categorize your payment for web-hosting based on bank rules.


I would like any updated information on setting up recurring payments. I am catching up on a set of books where the bank statements are no longer available to download. Seems I am blocked from this post and am unable to see the content on the link


Recurring sales invoices have been implemented.



Still looking to find out how to do a recurring payable like automatically adding my monthly rent ?


Why not just import your bank statement and categorize all rent payments as expenses as they appear on your bank statement?

Or do you need the system to create recurring purchase invoices? I’m just asking because recurring purchase invoices are a bit unusual way of doing things. Unless I misunderstood something.


Yes looking to add recurring purchase because I’m not importing my banking until 2015.


Why you are not importing until 2015? Are you able to prepare spreadsheet with all transactions at least? Then you can easily import them into Manager in bulk.


Sounds like a good idea. How do you import from a spreadsheet. What template do you use. A search on this subject only revealed that you started working on importing inventory in April 2014.


To import bank transactions from spreadsheet, make sure spreadsheet has following columns:

  • Date
  • Description
  • Amount

You can also optionally have columns:

  • Payee
  • Reference

Then save spreadsheet as CSV file and use Import Bank Statement function to import CSV file under Bank accounts tab.


Hi @lubos
Can we do the same kind importing method for cash accounts?

As I’m using server edition , its taking time to create 15-20 daily expenses in cash account.
It will be easy if I import a spreadsheet as u mentioned above for bank accounts.

Can I create a new bank account named cash1 and transfer my remaining cash from cash accounts to newly created cash1 bank account?
And import spreadsheet with date, description and amount ?

What difference does it makes if I handle cash in cash account or bank account?

Why do we need cash account and bank account if I can manage cash in hand in bank accounts tab?
What is the advantage of having separate cash account tab?


@raj_nann, I’m currently working on improving bank accounts and cash accounts tab. You will see ability to import spreadsheets to cash accounts in upcoming days.