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I deal on a cash only basis (no billing customers and purchases are made immediately). As a result, I don’t use the Purchases and Sales modules. I want to ad a custom field for each receipt line. While I can add the custom field, it is an overall entry, not line-by-line. Apparently this is only available if you use the Sales & Purchases modules. I suggest for small home businesses that only sell/buy with cash, that the software program has the same option for this function.

A custom field added to Inventory items and/or Non-Inventory Items will appear line-by-line. The “Show custom field on printed documents” box must be checked.

correct. but they will not be available to edit during form entry in Receipts or Payments.

though it is not possible to create line item custom fields for the said tabs at present, maybe other users can suggest a workaround if you can explain what you will be entering in those fields.

also, i think @lubos should consider adding line item custom fields for Receipts & Payments tab.

I agree. I will create a topic for this soon.

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I have a similar difficulty. I would like to be able to add columns to the invoice with editable headings. At times i need to issue an invoice with three columns: for example: Number of meals: number of days: cost per meal: total cost.
secondly, is there a way to adjust the settings of the receipt and payments to fix the description column as it was in the old version. some of us use the description column everyday and have to be ticking the box every time.
Lastly, is it possible to let the orlder versions of manager open the newer versions? I very much prefer the interface of the older version.
thanks a lot

The only way to do this is with custom fields. You cannot just add columns at random, because the database has nowhere to store the information. Custom fields create that place. But the program will not do anything with the content of the fields beyond display it. You cannot think of this as being like adding a column on a spreadsheet.

Yes. Use Form Defaults.

No. Newer versions often involve changes to the structure of the database. Older program versions are coded for older structures.

Thank you very much for the answers. I appreciate.

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