Creating Custom FIELDS for Receipts

Can you add custom fields also for RECEIPTS ?

So I can add more fields in the receipts when printing them.

I think you misunderstand receipts in double-entry accounting. Only minimal information is needed. Details belong in invoices. The receipt only records the portion of a transaction devoting a cash or bank account.

Thank you for reply.

I’m selling online very cheap things, I have sometimes a lot of small transactions (sold). I’m giving customers only receipts (but I need to have extra custom fields in case refund, finding specific receipt, etc)

I can add custom fields on Invoices all as I want but… here I have to MANUALLY create all invoices (fill out all by myself) and this is really time consuming…

With receipts all I do is categorize it as “Sales” or “Inventory Sales” and that’s it. All data is already filled out. Just print it and go.

These receipts are really time saver.

@desert, that’s a good point. Added to the latest version (16.1.70)