Recommendation for payment form change

@Yaser, your recommendation and related discussion was moved to a new topic. It has nothing to do with the topic on receipts where you posted it. Please do not divert topics with unrelated issues.

Your suggestion is not possible for a simple accounting reason. You are suggesting that a single payment transaction include payments from multiple sources. But a payment can only be from one source. Every movement of funds into or out of the business involves a single counterparty.

@Ealfardan is correct that what you describe is more appropriately recorded via expense claims. Even then, an expense claim can have only one expense claim payer.

Dear Mr. @Tut, I have mentioned in the beginning :
Please advise if I missed something similar in the forum.
Because I kept reading many posts but this was the closest one

  • I’m not asking for it for accounting purposes, all I ask is just a normal custom field like other forms (Receipts, Sales invoices…etc)
    Simple custom field for Payment lines

That’s exactly the source my issue here

That’s true, but the ultimate payment can include as many expense claims as needed.

Aside from the fact that it better to maintain a 1 to 1 correspondence between your records and actual transactions, adding such a field in payment lines wouldn’t do you anymore good that using a custom field since this field will fail to fit into the design of the software since the contacts (i.e. employees, customers, etc) are children of control accounts that were not used in the example you provided.

So either you:

  • Go through the normal process of recording individual expense claims which can be later paid in a bulk payment.
  • Skip the expense claim and create separate payments each addressed to a contact


  • Create a single payment and use a custom field to hold the payee per line.

The problem with that, @Ealfardan, is that @Yaser wants to record multiple payers per transaction, not multiple payees (which would also be illogical). He overlooks the fact that the only payer for any payment transaction is the business itself. What he wants is an impossible situation

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Why should I make 10 transactions for 10 payments that have been done by 10 employees?
while I can make 1 payment with 10 lines and save time and effort,
forget about Paid by … just to add the ability to add a custom field to the line of payments … that would help big time

You gave the answer yourself, these are 10 separate transactions not one.

I can’t argue with you about this
just forget about the paid subject

can we have a custom field in Payment lines just like other forms?
A simple question requires a simple answer.

The simple answer is no.

I agree with you … But each payer will need single transaction
I want to make one payment 10000 Lei
500 Fuel (Paied by Alex)
3000 xxx (Paid by Tony)
in one payment

As @Tut already explained this is not possible nor is it correct. Each payment is a financial transaction from a single payer to a single recipient. So if you have multiple transactions by multiple payers then each of them is a separate payment. If you want to speed up such process then use batch create payments.

What are we actually discussing here? This is basically feature request to allow custom fields on line items for receipts and payments. This shouldn’t require justification.

Also, topic requesting this is already posted in ideas.

What started out as a feature request for line item custom fields veered into @Yaser’s real desire, the ability to enter multiple, separate payments by multiple parties on a single payment form. Adding the capability for line-item custom fields on payment forms, despite being what was originally requested, would not satisfy @Yaser’s goal.

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I thought my response was clear, @Yaser wanted to use a single payment entry where each line would represent another source. There was no dispute about using custom fields for line items in payments and receipts.

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All I’m asking is to have a custom field in Payment’s lines, Using it after that for any purpose it is up to the user of the system according to his business nature or goal
but I got a strong rejection and the subject was closed permanently
so all I can do is to wait till you make it someday in the future, which will be needed for sure

Sorry but you did not. Only after discussion you yielded to this.

My dear … it is just work, so let us not be too sensitive
and if you check my first post you will find that I cleared all
So please let us help each other to meet clients expectaions
Thank you

@Ealfardan gave you the best solution clearing multiple expense claims with one payment.

Replies in this topic are no longer thoughtful.

@Yaser custom fields to line item on payments and receipts will be added. I have new work planned for custom fields that will resolve quite a few issues including this one.

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