Custom Fields for line items on Receipts & Payments

As Custom Fields for Line Items can be created for Sales Invoices (Revenue), why not also for Receipts & Payments (Cost). Then if necessary, cost transactions can be matched with revenue transactions, for example with a specific tagging. This can be helpful for companies to use in reports


I am making it with tracking code. and i considered my branches as tracing code. so it is match with cost and revenues.

sorry how you add this tags column? i don’t have it on my cloud edition.

how you add this tags column? i don’t have it on my cloud edition.

it says in my post, use Custom Fields Sales Invoice - Line

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I have added this to ideas based on the discussion here Receipt Entry Suggestion - #4 by Abeiku.

Added to the latest version (22.8.12)

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If you can add custom fields for journal entry lines i’d be happy

Did you try, i.e. download the latest version, create a custom field (like text) and select Journal entry? It does not apply even though one can select it to line items but it does apply to the Journal entry itself.

I use only journal entry for my all transactions. So that custom field is so necessery for each journal entry lines. I need that feature.

Please read the guides why for payments and receipts (which you should enable) are not part of Journal entries.

In fact the guides state for example

In Manager, most transactions are entered in other functional tabs, thereby automating many decisions about account posting and reducing errors. So journal entries are relatively few. Most record transfers between accounts. In fact, no transaction involving the actual receipt or payment of funds by a business can be recorded via a journal entry.