[17.6.79] Added ability to create custom fields on individual line items

The latest version extends capabilities of custom fields even further and now allows to create them directly on individual line items.

Let me demonstrate.

Let’s have a look at invoice form:

It has standard columns, let’s say we want to add new column called Serial # which could indicate serial number of the item the customer has purchased.

In order to do that, go to Settings tab, then Custom Fields and create new custom field under Sales Invoices - Line section.

Let’s call this custom field Serial # and click Create button to create.

Then go back to invoice form and you will see Serial # is now editable column.

When you create the invoice and view it, it will be shown on the invoice as a custom column too.

This capability is now supported for following tabs:

  • Sales Invoices
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Quotes
  • Credit Notes
  • Delivery Notes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Invoices

Also, this feature is automatically supported across all custom themes which you can download from Free Accounting Software | Manager


Thanks for this very useful feature addition.

This is fantastic @lubos. Great idea and excellent addition.

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I never thought it would possible. AWESOME

Thx Great Job

Thanks for the additional feature, And on my view please adjust the column size automatically equal to the letters, numbers etc.

Thank you the additional feature :hugs:
If you could make option for show custom field - line as a column its easier for me when searching for serial number.
Plus i don’t now if its a bug or not but my saved custom filed now show empty when creating new invoice. (Am using Cloud version)

Same here, version 17.6.81. It’s a bug. Moderators need to split this to Bugs category.

Same here

Great feature! thanks
But looks like this affect to current custom fields.

The issue with default values on custom fields should be resolved in the latest version (17.6.82).

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Here is the error that shows up when I try to delete the in line custom label.

Also, how can I use the position to make the column appear as the 1st column in the invoice?

@lubos It would be great if you can add custom fields also to the chart of accounts!

@qqqqqqqq should be fixed in the latest version (17.6.85)

@Davide why do you require custom fields in chart of accounts? What would you use this for?

For businesses intelligence, extra riclassifications and so on…

@Davide has been proposing changes to Manager to support his desire for the program to accommodate his need to report fund management results/activities to multiple entities according to different mandatory schemes. A script for a spreadsheet program seems a more appropriate solution to me. His goal seems to me to be supportive only of his highly customized reporting desires.

@lubos I like Manager a lot since is something more than an accounting software but it’s much more easier then an ERP.

What I find weak is it’s ability to talk with the external word (other programs). You cannot access directly to the dB and the API is still work in progress and quite complex (by the way I’m paying a programmer on Freelancers to try to have a one way sync script from Manager to mySQL that I will give free to everyone on the forum as soon as it will be ready, if he finds how to make it work).

I think that having this personalization can help me to make an automatic indirect cashflow statement in excel only with the use of vertical.search and sum.if and many other automatic reports (in excel and/or jedox)

Another example is to use the extra fields to add to a financing line an id of the financed building, the status of the financing and so on.

But that’s only my humble idea…

@lubos Could this be add later. Thank you.