Custom Field - Expense Claim

Just started to use the “Custom Field” options but have a small question:

I wanted to created an additional column in the Expense Claims function which I would simply call “Receipt”. I would then give each line item a number or reference of an “attached” receipt. (Basically just to be able to print the report, staple the receipts behind and get it “signed off” in a normal way. I would then be able to replace our existing manual expense claim form completely and use the report from Manager instead.)

Am I correct in assuming this is not possible to achieve with “Custom Field”…? It would be more like the “Sales Invoice Item” (but then “Expense Claim Item”) in order to get this field to be a column in the “line item table” of the expense claim…?

when you setup the custom field, there is an option “Show custom field as a column”. make sure you tick the box.

Thanks, but this is not the function I’m after… That creates a new column in the Expense Claims Overview. I was after a way to create a column in the actual Expense Claim Report itself…

You cannot do exactly what you describe, @AnBe. But why not just require expense claim payers to add receipt numbers into the description field directly? The result would not be quite as obvious as what you want, but the information would still be there.