Quotation Format

One are that i would like to concentrate on is the quality of the quotations.

These are the most valuable item for our company as it is these quotations that determine the amount of work that we will be getting into the company.

On an immediate basis, I feel that the following upgrades are needed.

  1. That the template defaults to a full page no matter what.
  2. That on multiple page quotations, that the bottom of the Page 1 terminate professionally with the table squared off and then full pages for the following pages and a final full page with all of the totals and footer. Page numbers on each page.
    Again, reinforcing that the quotation is out most valuable document that we send out.
  3. That when writing test, it formats the same as a basic work processor. At the moment, the blank lines do not format through to the printed copy leaving the paragraphs all bunched. This looks unprofessional.
  4. At the bottom of the form there is an option to tick Custom Header. It would be appreciated to be able to set this as a default as is with the notes just above it. Saves having to so this every time you enter a quotation.

Look forward to your replies.

The software works super fast. Smashes Quick Books and MYOB. So looking forward to the future on Manager.

  1. For now, you will need to add empty line items to fill up the page manually if it’s important to you.
  2. Yeah, sales invoices are the only documents which support multi-page layout. For remaining documents, this is coming soon.
  3. I will need to see screenshot of this.
  4. Yeah, there will be an option to set default header. Just out of curiosity, what do you call your Quotes?

Any update on the time expectancy to get the Quotation Template completed.

The features needed are:

  1. That the page will default to a full page.
  2. That the pages will roll over to additional pages if more that one page. The Totals to roll over to the final page with all extra pages being full length pages.
  3. Spaces between lines also showing up on the printed page.

The Quotation is THE most important particle of a business. Even more so than the Invoice. As it is the Quotation that brings in the business and gives us something that we can deliver and get paid for.

Then we also have money to pay you guys. Which is very important, I am sure that you can agree.

I look forward to your reply.

Can you first have a look at how sales invoices handle multi-page printing and whether it’s sufficient?

I tested an invoice and rolled it into two pages.

There is no line across the bottom of the 1st page. It should be boxed off.

Blank lines to not print as a space.

Test Invoice…pdf (116.7 KB)

I added another line with 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 then a space then 1 2 3 …

But you will see there is no space.

If we could square off the bottom of each page with a line and allow to have spaces in the test between paragraphs that would be extremely helpful and give me confidence in the professionalism of Quotations and Invoices and all other forms that are sent out to clients and suppliers.

This is the representation of the company.

How did you obtain Test Invoice.pdf. Don’t use Print button. Use Email button to send yourself PDF. And see if it makes difference. You should definitely see header on both pages if you use Email button.

Is there a reason not to have headers on subsequent pages when printing directly? There are many situations where emailing a PDF might not be possible:

  • Customer on premises and needs invoice (or other document)

  • Need to print and snail-mail document

  • No internet connection when using desktop edition

@mikeking is right. A commercial document that breaks in the middle without repeating headers, etc., makes it look like your software came from about 1986. Not the image one wants to convey.

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Right now, Manager is using operating system capabilities when directly printing. So some users will see headers printed, some won’t. With Email button, PDF is generated consistently for everyone no matter what operating system is in use.

Interesting. When I try to print a multi-page sales invoice to my local Adobe Acrobat PDF printer driver (on Win7), it freezes forever and I have to terminate Manager.

This is the same thing that happens when I print the G/L Transactions report, as posted some time ago. I used to think the G/L report freezing was an isolated issue with that particular report, but now I see that it’s a general issue with multi-page print jobs from Manager.

The freeze appears to happen whenever I try to print anything in Manager that has more than one page, using the Adobe Acrobat PDF driver. It doesn’t happen when other programs print multi-page PDF files with the same printer driver, nor does it happen when I send my multi-page Manager print jobs through the Cute PDF printer driver, for example.

However, when I send my 2-page sales invoice through the Cute PDF printer driver, I get a 3-page PDF file: one blank page, followed by the 2-page invoice, with headers repeated on the continuation page – but with some alignment issues in the table borders on that page:

So clearly there’s some work to be done with how Manager interacts with the OS and the various PDF drivers.

When I email my 2-page invoice instead of printing it, the resulting PDF has only 2 pages and the table borders are okay, but there’s extra space inserted after the 1st invoice item on the 2nd page:

Here’s how it appears on the screen (with no extra space after the item):

So there are some quirks, even with the server-based PDF driver.

I just emailed an invoice to myself. The headers follow through, but there are definite formatting issues.

Please resolve this. It is a vital part of business presentation to have professional quotations and invoices.

Sales Invoice.pdf (29.3 KB)

Hi all

I am facing a small issue , if there is two pages of quote , the header is coming in the same line of the items continuation from the first pages.

like the follow


Was the PDF you showed above generated by printing to a local PDF driver or by emailing the invoice directly from Manager?

If the former, then see the posting from @Lubos above, as there are known issues and inconsistencies when printing locally to PDF, particularly with multi-page PDF output. @Lubos has told us that improvements are forthcoming with this.

If the latter, then are you using any kind of HTML markup in your invoice that might be affecting the page layout?

I’m very thankful for the free program, the hard work that lubos appears to be doing, always responding in a timely manor. I’m equally as thankful for my birth year. #86 represent. #theyearofappreciation

Please see attached.

There are two invoices that roll onto a second page.

  1. Printed to PDF.
  2. Emailed through Manager.

Please resolve this. This is the front line of my company.

Mike.Manager invoice Print to PDF.pdf (118.6 KB)

Manager Invoice Emailed.pdf (28.8 KB)