Invoice Page Numbers


when making a multi-page invoice, Manager displays the invoice as a single page, not much of a problem here.

when the invoice is generated as a pdf,
this is the first page

this is the second page

now this print will not make any sense.


  1. is there a way Manager could automatically add few of the line items from the first page to the second page?
  2. can there be page numbers on the invoice?
    For example,
    Page 1 of 2 aligned to the center and also a continued… aligned to the right at the bottom of the page.
    On the next page Continued from Page 1… appearing just above the column header table aligned to the left.
  3. the contents table do not close at the bottom if there is a second page (where the line items continue on the next page unlike the sample image shown above) which i personally think would look better if it is closed.

for now am creating pdf using rightclick print preview and using a pdf printer software.
during the preview you can shrink the content as per your need.
and using pdf reader you can add page number and print it as hard copy
this is how am doing it right now and it would be helpful to have a option of page number in manager inbuild

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I do have the same problem by using a multi page invoice, delivery note Sales quote etc.

Do you have any idea about this?

I also believe that in the beginning of the every page, other than the first, should include the sum of the previous page(s).

Yes, 100% Correct

Any update on page numbers for quotes or invoices? it would be very helpful. No option on printing (for pdf) to add page numbers in preferences or to shrink to 1 page!

This is not true. Read the Guide:

I got into settings/themes, cloned the plain them as custom, edited it as per guide in adding the quoted text, still not getting page numbers when using the built in pdf generator or the print by pdf function…

any help?

You did something wrong, then, with your custom theme. I just tested it, and it still works correctly.

Are you sure you selected the custom theme for the transaction (on the Edit screen) before generating the PDF?

Thanks for your patience Tut. Yes you are correct, I did do something wrong, I did not know I had to tick custom theme on the relevant document to choose it. All sorted many thanks and much appreciated :smiley: