Sales Invoice Multiple pages

Is there any Solution for Header & Footer for multiple page in sales Invoice & Sales Quotations, it’s printed in first page only

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Not at this time.

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Sales invoices definitely repeat headers on each page. Make sure to use the latest version and use Email button to email yourself PDF

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The current situation for multi-page invoices definitely has problems:

  1. You should be able to print a multi-page invoice without resorting to emailing a PDF to yourself. Currently, if you print, only the first page has the header.

  2. If you do email a PDF, the header appears, but is superimposed over the continuation of line item listings on subsequent pages. That is, rather than continue the line item listings under the header, they still begin at the top of the page, in exactly the same position as when printing and not obtaining the header.

  3. But the invoice header information, repeating customer and business information, invoice number, issue date, etc., is not what is so lacking. A more important need is to have have column headings on subsequent pages. In fact, I consider repetition of the entire header to be totally unnecessary.

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Sending PDF giving the column repeating not header as said, but header repeating accessory for us if there is any way since i like this software it’s help full

@eng.amodi, can you show screenshot what you see in PDF?

See this sample when i send email

if PDF direct i docent show the column header

Yeah, but this is a quote. I think headers will repeat on sales invoices only at this time.

Yeah Sorry, it’s working with sales invoice

is it possible to do it in sales quotation, & purchase

@eng.amodi’s sales invoice example is what I was referring to. You get the header, but not column headings. And the continuation of the line items is superimposed on the header rather than being underneath.

If everything would behave like @eng.amodi’s quotation example, all would be great. Fortunately, I don’t have many multi-page invoices, but I suppose many users do.

I’m pretty sure you should get column headings too on multi-page invoices. Just make sure to email yourself PDF rather than straight printing from Manager.

I will be looking into this sometime later next month.

Ok thanks for your interest

Sorry, @lubos, but that is not happening. If I print directly, I get neither header nor column headings. If I email a PDF, I get the superimposed header, but still no column headings. Version 15.7.35.

A printed version with no column headings is difficult to read and seems unprofessional. But a header superimposed over the content on page 2 is absolutely unusable. I’m just glad I discovered this before emailing a multi-page invoice.

@Tut, are you using custom HTML template for your sales invoices? If so, try to email multi-page PDF invoice without using custom HTML.

I am not using a custom template any longer. Once the default new view template became only an example, rather than the code in use by Manager for that version, it became too hard to make my modifications and still take advantage of new features. So I just live with the default version.

OK, could you email PDF using Email button to me? My email is


I am playing around with custom invoice templates also. Great fun!

What surprises me, is that when I print an invoice (with more then one page) the result is different from when I send an email, with a pdf.
In the printed version:

  • headers don’t repeat.
  • the table with rows is not closed and reopened on the next page.

I am surprised different code seems to be used to create the pdf and to create the print file (postscript?).

The use case I have is that we would like to have an invoice that has a big logo in the top centre, but only on the first page. That should point to custom templates, but I notice there is no (documented) semantics for controlling how elements are repeated. What comes to mind is something like:
{{page}} = [first|last]
{{pagenr}} = int

and then {% if business.logo != empty and page == ‘first’ %}{% endif %}

And then perhaps it would be nice to have identifiable header and footer content, so you can lay those out first, and then fill the remaining space with content.

The inconsistency is due to how PDF is generated using Email method and how it’s generated using Print method.

The goal is that both methods will in future generate exactly the same PDF but I’m not there yet.

Would it be possible to have the bottom border on all pages instead of just the last page? Even emailed PDFs have no bottom border

when we print multiple pages sales invoice in first page there must be shown “continue…” word in the bottom of 1 st page.

is it possible ?