Quotation long list of items does not display correctly

i have two problem
i have a quotation with long list of line item that need to be displayed in PDF.

  1. when I click “PDF” to print out as pdf then it doesn’t display everything on the quotation and a lot of content is missing.

  2. when I use alternative way by click “print” function with Microsoft print to pdf, then the first page is blank and the rest of pages is out of orders and it doesn’t look good.

how can I fix this problem? can manager.io look into this to ensure all information is displayed out all correctly?

What version/edition of Manager are you using?
What exactly are you printing - an invoice, a report?
Are you using custom themes?
Screen images of the problem would help, too. While your description is clear, a screen image of the problem would make it much clearer and possibly easier to diagnose where the problem lies

The PDF button does not print anything. It allows you to save a PDF file.

Printing with the Print button is not under Manager’s control. This is a function of how your operating system and printer driver work.

I am using the latest version. All these while all version are the same problem for long time.

I am printing a quotation, so same goes to invoices . If I am not mistaken, i am using the default theme with logo add on, just small customization.

The description is clear but it doesn’t display all , it should have continued display the remaining descriptions on second page but it doesn’t .


Your statement that you have customized the theme puts you in unknown territory. You are responsible for debugging your theme. Does this problem occur with the default Plain theme?

Actually there’s no problem with theme because I just use default theme. The only problem is the item I have quoted had long list of line items causing incomplete display of all items whereas it should continue to display on second page but it doesn’t show


Did you customize the theme or not? You said you did; now, you say you are using the default theme.

You need to post screen shots:

  • Show the Edit screen of the transaction. Obscure only proprietary information if you must, but leave as much information as you can.
  • Show the View screen.
  • Show the result of generating the PDF.

I did a little bit by just add company logo, and put customer detail and our company detail.

I did a test to show u, Pls see example as attached and also the backup file for u to see

(Attachment Quote.pdf is missing)

(Attachment ATT00001.htm is missing)

(Attachment ATT00002.htm is missing)

test logo.png

(Attachment ATT00003.htm is missing)

Just provide the details that Tut asked for above, please

I did sent pdf, and even the manager backup file. But it was rejected by this system. Can I have your email and I will resend it again ?


@ljimmymx, you cannot send attachments when responding to the forum by email. You can only upload attachments after logging into the forum directly. Attach them using the 17%20AM symbol above the composing pane. And I did not ask for a backup file, which I will not open. I asked for screen shots.

As @Joe91 wrote, also please answer questions directly and specifically. When you wrote, “I did a little bit by just add company logo, and put customer detail and our company detail,” what does that mean? Your logo and business details can be added under Settings. Putting those things in would not constitute using a custom theme. But “customer detail” could mean anything. And you cannot enter such information under settings. If you modified the presentation of customer information, you would need a custom theme. So which is it?

heres the screen shot attached sample. you see the first page, there’s items on the bottom that was missing and didn’t show on page 2

“you see first page…” not really - the image isn’t clear enough to make out the text and what do you mean by “missing” ? You need to show screen images of the edit transaction as well as the print/view screen

@ljimmymx I think it would help if you clarified what you are actually showing such as

  • Completely standard theme or some modifications by you?

  • Quotation 6 pages, but without knowing what it is suppose to contain other forum users can not detect if lines are lost with paginating (perhaps showing the un-paginated view as a quote on the forum

Clicking on the image shows a larger view which reads OK for me, but I agree picking missing data is not possible without knowing what it’s suppose to show.

Actually I suspect the issue is:

  • Pagination only occurs between items so

  • if you enter an item description longer than one page it is truncated (for me at about line 62, no doubt earlier if the quote header is longer with images and longer address information). Most easily seen by entering line numbers at the start of the description.

As such the work around is break your long description over several zero valued items

@ljimmymx, if you would answer the question I first asked in post #7 and show all the screen shots I requested in that post, someone might be able to help. If you will not, no one can help.

here is the print screen from the manager.io software, I have highlighted the missing text so you can compare with the screen shot I have shared earlier

You did not answer the question or show what was asked for. I do not know any other way to say this, @ljimmymx, but unless you provide what was asked for, you will get no help, because no one can see what you have done. Not me, not @Patch, not @Joe91.

Description text within line items is not split over multiple pages, it is truncated at the bottom of the page. This occurs with the built in themes.

You need to ensure your descriptions are shorter than one page. You can do that by splitting the text by adding zero cost line items and putting part of the description in those

I couldn’t because the actual description is matching it from the manufacturer and I need to ensure all is there and the same … Are there way to fix this on the next patch to have remaining item displayed on the second page and so on?