Suggestions for Making Sales Quote look more - Formal

I use the Accounting part of manager very efficiently, but I am currently using a different software for Sales Quotes and Invoice - because I want a more professional look.

I recently tried out the Sales Quote and Sales Invoice parts of manager, and with all the updates that have been coming in recently, I was quite happy to see that it is now possible to have a both part numbers and descriptions (with Item & name Columns).

My only issue now, is that the quote when Printed, or emailed as pdf looks very blank…with all the data concentrated to the top half of the otherwise blank document. If you could somehow work on the look of the Sales Quotes and Sales Invoice, and make them look more attractive, this software becomes much more complete.

Hoping you can help out! Thanks!

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My after thought on my above note: -

One thing I can think of, is having input boxes in Sales Quote - in which you can enter the name of the person you want to address the quotation to - within the same organization. It comes across as professional, when you have a " To addressee Header", something along the lines of "“Kind Attention: Mr. John Smith, Procurement Department”

Secondly, another notes box on top of the quote (which can be made optional). Here a user can have an introduction to his company in the lines of “Thank you for giving an opportunity to work with you. We are pleased to put forth our proposal, for your consideration. Please get in touch with us for any clarifications”,

and this is followed by the official quote, and then the notes (which would have the terms & conditions of the sale).

Third Point - Could there please be an option to print directly to PDF - rather than email the quote. This would really make things extremely easy.


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I’m not that concerned about the look. Default quotes look alright. If you don’t like them, soon you will be able to supply your own design just like it is already possible with invoices.

To print to PDF, see Guides | Manager

Installed the PDF utility, and you know what, when I do the “Print PDF”, instead of the email option, the printed pdf automatically takes care of the extra white blank space which I used to get in the longer pdf that comes by Email. So now, the sales quote look works for me perfectly.

Great to hear design option is on its way. Will wait for this to experiment with design features.

Lubos, I am currently editing the PDF using a PDF editor, to put up a “Kind Attention: Mr. ABC”, on the quote, because within the same organization my quote may be addressed to different project managers, Procurement teams. While, I am making do, having a field to address the Person you want to mark the quote to will really make the Sales Quote more efficient.


Why not put “Kind Attention: Mr. ABC” in billing address on quote form? Or if more emphasis is needed, you can create extra line item where you can put “Kind Attention: Mr. ABC” in description.