Multipage sales quotes

Hi, first of all thanks for a great program!

OK I am currently using the quote function and if my quote is longer than one page it continuously scrolls onto the next even if the text is split in half instead of realizing that the line item will not fit and moving the whole line item to the next page. Can I change this?

Also as my quotes are multipage is it simple enough to add a page number option perhaps?

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Multipage quotes/invoices/orders is something I’m yet to look at. Unfortunately it is what it is now. I will try to look into this over the weekend if some simple fix can solve this problem or something more substantial will need to be done.

OK perfect, thanks.

I can live with it as I can simply play around with the layout when printing but would be a nice improvement in a future update.

Just wondering whether we can make multiple pages in the sales quote because
currently, it only allows for a single page.

Right now, multi-page layout is possible for sales invoices only but multi-page support for other printable content (quotes, orders etc.) is coming next month.

Thank you, that means I can use your application, much appreciate it…

I just started using So far everything seems to be fine, except multipage Documents just float to the next page - even breaking in the midst of words. How can I enable multipage printing?

I’m currently on version 16.1.81 which is the one I downloaded a week ago.

How about you do multi-page invoice… does it have the same issue as multi-page quote?

To be honerst, I haven’t tried the Invoice but I think even that does not work. According to your last Post You wanted to add this about a year ago…

Regards, Simon Ensslen

Rather than complain about the schedule, @sensslen, realize that @lubos is trying to troubleshoot your problem. He asked what behavior you see when doing a multi-page invoice because that may help him understand what you are seeing with quotes. So please help everyone out and run a test with a dummy invoice and let him know what happens. :smiley:

Unfortunately I didn’t have access to my accounting computer at that time. I now took the time to create a sales Invoice. Unfortunately with the same result. Is there a setting to enable multipage documents?

No. But formatting problems such as this have been addressed when raised by users. Sometimes they are widespread bugs, affecting everyone. But sometimes they are more specific, affecting only certain operating systems or use cases. That is why it is important to help by conducting tests when asked by the developer.

I can’t reproduce this issue. When generating PDF of multi-page sales invoice, try to use Email button to send yourself PDF. It should definitely repeat headers.

Hi, I tried the Email Option - there it works. Unfortunately I normally don’t have an Internet Connection with my accounting Laptop.

Is there a possibility to add the same Kind of function to the Print option?

I’m looking into an option to generate PDF files internally within the program so there would be some Save to PDF button. This option would support repeating headers.

Check again in one week. There should be progress on this.

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Thanks, that should help a lot!